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It's The Return..

My first video review! Songs featured Rashad's "The Return", "Headphones",& Jam so yeah, check out his Museum mixtape, folk. Also shout outs to @haydenclaireheroes!

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    Reborn In the Womb Of Mother Earth 0

    With Travel Foreman's full departure from the series, we have Steve Pugh's first cover, and it's not really that great. The layout is very sporadic, not well thought out, and the whole image just feels a bit crowded. However, I do really like the way Hunter/Buddy is chaotically fraying apart, and the skeletal design on the bottom of Cliff's sneaker is definitely genius.What's strange about Travel Foreman's departure, is that instead of the expected 100% Pugh issue, we get full interior art by fi...

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    Animal Man #11 0

    THE GOOD: Alberto Ponticelli is the penciler in this issue. I really like the way that he draws Buddy and all the different forms that he takes in this issue. He also manages to continue this ever dark feeling that all the other pencilers have contributed. I also really like his facial expressions. They add a lot to the story and the characters. I think that this issue, is huge. We get to see Buddy be recreated by the Red so that he can go back and fight. I really liked that part and I really li...

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