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Red Dead Nightmares 0

With DC's relaunch, we've got a new creative team consisting of Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman working on one of DC's most interesting characters, Animal Man. As a superhero who would give the world for his family, what exactly will Buddy Baker do when his daughter's powers start to manifest?  The Good This issue's introduction is definitely different, it's not exactly ground breaking but, it is a different take on getting new and old readers up to speed with what Lemire's take on Animal Man wil...

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Don't Eat Poultry After Reading Animal Man #1 2

Why is this review being given such an unconventional title? I'll explain during the review. First off, let me start by saying that I never had the privilege of reading Grant Morrison's heralded run on Animal Man when he wrote it under Vertigo. I've been aware that his run is the measuring stick on how to tell a story about Buddy Baker, and his subsequent super-heroics and life as a married family man. Closest that I ever got to Animal Man, was when I read his Last Days of Animal Man mini-ser...

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Warn of the Red or How Animal Man is awesome again 0

The New 52. Bold new era for the DC Universe, new elements to old characters, accessible enough for anyone out there to understand and grow fond off.  In a day and age where The Walking Dead, American Vampire and Kick Ass are some of the most popular books in the market enters Animal Man, from the mind of the fantastic Jeff Lemire about the life and times of  Buddy Baker on and off superhero/activist/actor who balances his family life with the bizarre mythos of his powers.  PLOT: Jeff Lemire is ...

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Animal Man: The Family Man 0

Jeff Lemire is taking over Animal Man for DC Comics New 52. This relaunch is suppose to be for new readers. This is my FIRST Animal Man comics book. Does he get me hooked?  THE GOOD: I have read Jeff Lemire before and that is why I was happy to buy this. I really liked the first page on this comic. It tells people who have never read Animal Man what the Buddy is and is currently doing. I think this is done in a way that old readers and new readers can feel like they are reading the same characte...

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And That Is When I Would Disown My Child. 2

Jeff Lemire's Animal Man steps up to the front of the pack as one of the DC relaunches that genuinely feels like it is aiming for the objective of a newer and better DC Universe. Even better, it succeeds by blending family drama and horror into its superheroics, making it one of the new titles out there with a unique and quality feel to offer readers.  It's almost sad how Buddy Baker's family is being made such a pillar of what makes the character and this series interesting when comic creators ...

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Story falls apart at the end & quirky art style doesn't help 2

"Animal Man" #1 is proof that DC isn't just sticking with the traditional tried and true comics in their New 52. This first issue from writer Jeff Lemire is thoughtful and sweet yet dark and disturbing. The book starts by beautifully capturing the sweet intrinsic details of marriage and home life. I found these to be the best moments in Lemire's story. From there we get a very small look at Animal Man using his peculiar powers in a cool hospital scene. But then Lemire's story goes a little off ...

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A Clinic on Proper DCnU Writing! 0

Buddy Baker returns to the DCU and picks up right where he left off in fine form.   The Good The cover of this book really piqued my interest and I'm just as impressed with it now as I am then. Not even that obnoxious "New 52!" logo can ruin work like this.   Travel Foreman's artwork is absolutely beautiful, stunning, amazing, any positive adjective you can pull out of the air! His work so perfectly suits Lemire's script and adds a dynamism to the dialogue. He excels on all levels and in all sit...

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The First Signs of Promise in the New 52 0

After the lackluster Justice League #1 and Action Comics #1, we finally get a title that seems a little more fresh in Animal Man #1.Once again, I have to say that I was skeptical - especially since I think a couple issues of Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man rank among the greatest comics of the Modern Age (see my reviews of ' The Coyote Gospel' and ' The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea'). How could anyone live up to Grant Morrison's run on this title?Well, Jeff Lemire may not be the second coming ...

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Lemire Makes Animal Man Roar! 0

Buddy Baker has had a full life. He's been a Hollywood stuntman, a superhero, an animal activist, and now is starring in a movie about washed up superheroes. Though he tries to juggle his family life and whatever it is he has his hands tied up in at the moment, Buddy has always made sure to be true to himself no matter what he's done. But something strange is going on with Buddy, and a horrible nightmare about his family being killed brings actual horror in his life. What darkness does "The Red"...

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Not a solo book, not a team book but a family book. 2

Review for Animal Man #1.   Now when I was first deciding what I was going to buy I didn't put Animal Man on there because I wasn't interested, but the overwhelming positive reaction to this series here and being the pick of the week over at iFanboy was punching my curious si I bought it and I love it.   The Story: Buddy goes to stop a shooter at the children's ward in the hospital and after he comes home weird things starts happening to him and shifts his family life drastically.    The Good: W...

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Creepy Hipsters Never Looked So Good 1

The first thing I have to say is that this book is an indie comic. That might've seemed obvious with Lemire at the helm, but honestly I was not expecting the style in this particular comic. That threw me. There was a temporary disorientation... and as soon as I settled into this variant style... Lemire knocked it out of the park. It is important to go into the comic reading it as an indie though, because expecting something in the lines of Action Comics or Swamp Thing (very much the mainstream b...

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What Animals May Come 0

This is a good, but confused book. And that would be bad in most cases, but the beginning sets the character up as a confused character so it works. It seems a lot of what is going on is inspired by the movie, "What Dreams May Come." As someone that has no real interest in this character I also feel like he's never been fully explored and really he always just always felt like a D-lister that wasn't all that interesting.   Is this book good? Yes Is it for everyone? No Could it be for everyone? Y...

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Just Perfect 1

The Good: JUST LOOK AT THAT COVER. TELL ME YOU DON'T WANT TO READ THIS COMIC. Very likely my favorite first issue cover for the entire new 52. Haunting and creepy and gripping. Surreal, and a perfectly organized picture for the first issue's cover. I've never read any Sweet Tooth, but I've heard good things about it, I haven't yet read Morrison's run on Animal Man but damn do I want to. So unlike Swamp Thing, Animal Man was at the top of my list from the start. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THAT... Wait,...

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Animal Magnetism 0

Animal Man has never been a character or series I've gravitated to, but if the first issue of the new series is any indication, things are going to be different this time around. Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman have made a great first impression, deftly combining superheroics, politics, satire and horror in a way that excited me more than any other New 52 title so far.As with most of DC's ongoing reboot, Animal Man is both familiar and foreign. Buddy Baker is still a liberal political activist wi...

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Enter the RED 0

When I last spoke to Jeff Lemire in Toronto I told him I was excited for this series since I trust his writing and I know his love of classic Vertigo. Like me he is a fan of Jamie Delano and Delano's run is suppose to be more of his inspiration rather then the metaphysics of Grant Morrison. This choice of Jeff to be more character driven of the many facets of Buddy Baker is what makes this issue good.Jeff Lemire has done his study and his knowledge is shaped nicely in the scripts, where Buddy is...

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Animal Collective 2

Story/WritingWhat I love most about this story is how easily one can relate to Buddy Baker's thoughts and feelings and how integral a role his family plays in his life. The book does an excellent job of avoiding many of the classic superhero tropes, done better by other superheroes (for instance, Buddy Baker doesn't have a contentious relationship with the law and his identity is well-known.), in order to keep it's focus on Buddy and his family. Certain scenes, such as one in which he confronts ...

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We Are Rot In The Red 0

I've never read Animal Man before this issue, but Jeff Lemire is making it very clear that this character is all about his family. Not a page goes by in Animal Man where Buddy is either not with his family or mentioning his family. Seriously, if there's a page, I haven't seen it and that's ok. Buddy is interesting because of how important his family is to him, not in spite of it.Lermire's story expertly weaves in a lot of family elements, Maxine and Mr. Woofers, Cliff's hero worship, and Ellen's...

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Ella salio al padre 0

Animal Man un héroe que hace su re-estreno en el universo de DC y nos trae una historia interesante. La misma nos presenta a un héroe más o menos retirado por el hecho de que tiene una familia y la misma lo sabe. Así que el regresa una noche como héroe para salvar a un grupo de persona en un hospital. Sin embargo durante la noche nuestro protagonista tiene un sueño en donde tiene cierta consecuencia al día siguiente. La historia de este primer issue es buena, poco clichosa pero como lo trabajan ...

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Good Restart For New Readers 2

I know I have made it clear I am over the super hero genre and Marvel and DC but with the latter trying desperately not to fall I decided to give it a shot with their relaunch. I was wanting to steer away from the super heros so I was tossing up between Swamp Thing and Animal Man as I had decided I was only going to pick one title to spend my money on because honestly I wasn't giving it much hope. So I knew a bit about Swamp Thing and nothing of Animal Man and a mate of mine had said AM looked l...

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A surprisingly amazing issue 0

When I first heard about this I knew that this title was going to be terrible as Animal Man has never been a cool character and has one of the worst superhero names out there, and his powers are nothing special either. First thing I noticed about this issue was it's art style. It didn't look like any of the other comics Had seen so far and didn't look like a DC Comic. After reading part of it, I realized I was wrong and found this to be exceptionally well written and really explored the characte...

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I Am Animal Man, Hear Me Roar!... Quack, Moo, Chirp... 0

There seems to be a running theme with all my reviews of the 'New 52' DC comics: I never have any background knowledge on the characters whose comics I'm diving into. Buuuut c'mon, with a cover like that who could resist picking up this issue? So yeah, I was totally determined to pick up and read this comic.... and oh boy, I'm sure glad I was. Animal Man #1 has got to be one of my favorites (if not my absolute favorite) out of the 'New 52' lineup. On my personal list it's right up there with Bat...

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Red Alert 0

When is a superhero not a superhero? When he is an Animal Man.In an age where marriages are written out of continuity or characters are de-aged to appeal to readers, it's great to see a character who is not only married but father of two children. People don't put down books because they don't like someone's wife; they quit books because the writing is bad and the story sucks. To paraphrase Field of Dreams, if you tell a good story they will come.As someone who is not a huge Animal Man fan (one ...

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"We Are Rot In The Red. We Are Flesh Made Sickness." 0

SynopsisThe return of Animal Man! Part-time superhero, liberal animal activist and full-time family man, Buddy Baker has enough on his plate as his mysterious origins of his powers begin to surface, as well as new adversaries!The Good Where do I start? From the faux-newspaper article on the first page to the shocking conclusion, this issue is fantastically written. Now before The New 52 I have never read an Animal Man comic in my life, and aside from his powers I knew nothing of the character. T...

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