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Why Can't we just go to Issue 13.... 0

DC’s zero month is finally underway, celebrating the one year anniversary of the New 52. While I’ve felt pretty apathetic towards the whole idea, certain titles hold a genuine intrigue, in particular Animal Man whose origin is finally revealed. How did ordinary, family man, Buddy Baker acquire his most unusual power set?It all begins with the preceding Animal Man being slayed by Anton Arcane, Lord of The Rot, deep in the bowels of the Congo jungle. With no immediate avatar champion to take his p...

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Animal Man #0 0

THE GOOD: Steve Pugh does an amazing job on the art in this issue. His continues with his clever paneling, and the style the he contributes to the book, really gives it a tone that is hard to forget while looking at the art. The details are very nicely done as well. The story is very simple, but it's easy to tell that it contributes to a much larger story. We get to see the avatar before Buddy Baker, for a while and it's interesting to see a little more info on the people who came before Buddy. ...

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Chicken Suit! 0

Although I have been loving Jeff Lemire on both Animal Man and Justice League Dark, I was worried about how the quality of this issue would be. The last time Animal Man had a standalone issue, where we saw Buddy Baker as Red Thunder in the fictional movie 'Tights', it was a weak issue that had trouble finding its motivation. I am glad to report this is not the case with Animal Man #0. This, while working as a done-in-one adventure dealing with Animal Man's origin, still manages to keep the ongoi...

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Big Surprise 0

First things first, I don't really know anything about Animal Man. I read the first issue of the New 52 Series, but that's it. I haven't read any other Animal Man before. I was pleasantly surprised with this issue. It is a perfect jumping on point because it explains Buddy Baker's origin in the New 52. The art was superb in this issue and the story not only led directly into issue 1, but it also leads into the next issue, issue 13. If you've ever wondered who Animal Man was, I would highly sugge...

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Origin of The Superhero Narrative 0

Animal Man barely manages to achieve one of the better Zero Issue covers, the standard centered jumping through works decently well enough on its own, but the big thing that sells it on this one is the GORGEOUS WINGS.Steve Pugh's artwork is a bit of a mixed bag. A lot of the fighting in this issue is a little stiff and awkward, and suffers from an uncanny sense of reality due to a lack of proper backgrounds at times, but once the narrative switches to Buddy Baker, everything looks perfectly fine...

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