Animal Attacks

    Concept » Animal Attacks appears in 1031 issues.

    Normal real world animals attacking people, aliens, robots, etc; animal attacks include attacks from animals such as wolves, snakes, bears, sharks, dogs, whales, etc. The attacks mostly but not always severely injure or kill the one being attacked.

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    Comic Books that have this concept feature normal animals found on earth that attack humans, robots, aliens, etc. have the following traits.

    • The animals have not been genetically engineered by man, robots, aliens, etc. so a 100ft long great white shark that has telepathic powers would not belong to this concept.   
    • The animals are not robots that look like and/or act like animals.
    • The animals are not gigantic beyond what is currently possible by evolution.   So something like King Kong doesn't fit the animal attacks concept.
    • The animals are not mystical beings or shape shifters.   So a spirit wolf or someone who shape shifts into a bear and kills someone doesn't fall under the animal attacks concept.    

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