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    Known as a tenacious underdog and Godzilla's first opponent, Anguirus is armadillo-like prehistoric creature effected by radiation.

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    From the Japanese Angilosaurus (loosely translates to Ankylosaurus) a dinosaur said to be a "creature with a thorough hatred for war-like creatures".


    Anguirus was created by Japanese film director Motoyoshi Oda and first appeared in the film Godzilla Raids Again.

    Character Evolution

    In his first appearance, Anguirus was Godzilla's first enemy. Though he put up a tough fight, Anguirus was defeated, as would seem to be his luck to repeat. He has since returned both as an occasional ally and foe.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Underdog

    For more information: Godzilla Legends #1

    Anguirus starred in his own one-shot where he battled the monstrous Destoroyah. Though he was vastly overpowered, Anguirus was aided by the local military who were able to actually use freeze missiles to hold Destoroyah in place. This gave Anguirus enough time to roll into a ball and charge up, then slam into Destoroyah, defeating him. Finally victorious for a change, Anguirus turns only to see Godzilla rise from the sea.

    Powers and Abilities

    Having proportionate strength and durability along with his claws, vice-like jaw, spiked face, back and tail Anguirus is not to be underestimated. He has displayed the ability to burrow underground to avoid attack and also curl into a ball and launch at an opponent. It has also been said that Anguirus' brain extends throughout certain parts of his body. Anguirus is extraordinary jumper, an example of his jumping ability is when he leaps in the air to attack a flying King Ghidorah during the movie Destroy All Monsters. Anguirus also has an extreme tolerance for pain.

    Length: Approx 135 meters

    Weight: Approx 45,000 tons


    Like most kaijus (but unlike most giant monsters), Anguirus has personality, but his is quirky even by kaiju standards. During the Showa series Anguirus has a strong sense of determination. His determination allows him to have a tolerance to pain, never giving up until he gravely injured. He also shows that he is very loyal to his ally Godzilla. Despite not being the strongest Kaiju his personality makes him a monster that is hard to keep down and one of the most popular.


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