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    Character » Angstrom Levy appears in 50 issues.

    Angstrom Levy was a man with the ability to travel to alternate realities who had a horrific accident with the technology that allowed him to do so. He blames Invincible for this and has since become a very serious recurring threat to him.

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    Little is known about Angstrom Levy's background; including how and when he developed the power to open up portals to alternate realities. At some point Levy sets out to amass information about the various alternate Earths so as to be able to travel through them more safely. To this end he contacts alternate versions of himself from hundreds of parallel Earths, and convinces them to help him. Next Levy frees the super-villains the Mauler Twins from prison on the condition that they help him create a machine that would allow him to copy the memories of his alternate reality counterparts into his own brain.

    With the aid of versions of themselves from other realities, the Mauler Twins are able to construct the machine. Levy is in the process of uploading the memories of his alternate selves when the process was interrupted by Invincible who is trying to apprehend the Maulers. The Maulers are on the verge of killing Invincible when Levy halts the machine to try and stop them, causing it to overload and explode. Unbeknownst to Invincible, Levy survives the explosion but was horribly mutated and suffered internal organ damage all while believing it was Invincible who stopped the machine.

    Major Story Arcs


    Surgeons are able to rebuild and even enhance Levy’s body but they were unable to correct his monstrous appearance. Levy is left with a burning hatred of Invincible whom he blames for the accident. He is able to discover that Invincible was really Mark Grayson by traveling to realities where his identity is public knowledge.

    Levy takes Mark's mother and his toddler baby brother hostage in their home and lures Mark in with a phone message. When Mark arrives to rescue his family, Levy sends him into the Marvel Universe. Levy mistreats his family, tossing the baby (who is caught safely) around and breaking his mother's arms in retaliation for a failed attack with a lamp.

    Mark returns but is sent to various other realities, such as one with zombies and some with familiar and not so familiar super-powered beings. On one of his many futile trips back home, Mark learns that Levy intends simply to wear him down and kill him, along with his family. Then he will do the same to all alternate Marks.

    Mark, tricking his opponent by waiting on one side of a portal, manages to tackle Levy into an abandoned wasteland of an Earth. Overestimating the success of Levy's enhancements, Mark seemingly beats him to death by accident. Mark is rescued from this wasteland by future versions of his friends, who had traveled through time and space to find him.


    At the end of Invincible issue 51, Angstrom is revealed to be spying on Mark as he sits atop his roof, via a small robotic camera. He is showing sitting in a room with many monitors, all with videos of Mark playing, and also with small electrical globes attached in his head. He has adopted a super villain style costume, complete with cape and new scars on his face from the previous encounter with Invincible.

    After spying on Mark for a number of months, Levy reveals his plan: gather evil versions of Invincible from other dimensions, and unleash them upon the first Mark's world. While this creates worldwide panic and death, the main goal is to ruin Invincible's reputation and cause him suffering. The world's superheroes unite, some giving their lives to battle and kill most of the Invincibles. In the end, Levy's plan fails as the Earth, though devastated, was not conquered. He escapes and sends the surviving Invincibles to a wasteland dimension, but loses a limb, and upon arrival to the dimension of his doctors, loses their support and is informed that he now 'works for them'.

    A few months later Angstrom is allowed to return to the Image Universe and upon hearing about Invincible's apparent death decides to live in a suburban neighborhood along with his drones. However he soon learns that Invincible is not actually dead and in rage heads back to Mark's house. Once arriving he waits for someone to arrive the first person being Atom Eve. He quickly detained Eve and wondered whether she had any powers since they had, had no contact. He was very surprised when Invincible suddenly appeared before sending him to the wasteland dimension where only two evil Invincibles remained. While waiting Angstrom talked to Eve who asked him about why he hates Mark so much. Upon hearing Angstrom's response Eve told him how Angstrom's invasion killed her ex boyfriend Rex-Splode she states that her life felt ruined but she didn't go insane and swear revenge on him. Angstrom realizes how pointless revenge is and opens a portal allowing Invincible and the last evil Invincible to return. Angstrom apologizes for what he's done and offers to allow the evil Invincible home by opening a portal for him. Instead the evil Invincible decides to bring Angstrom with him to his home dimension where he apparently plans to torture him.


    After his last defeat at the hands of Invincible and surrendering after capturing Eve, Levy is taken hostage by a surviving evil version of Mark from another dimension where he is tortured for information on traveling from one dimension to the next. Invincible and Robot travel to said dimension and when they do are shown the horror that Levy is enduring. Robot stuns both Marks and kills the evil one, then kills Levy by slicing off his head, he traps Mark in that dimension, believing him to be too great a threat.

    Mark later escapes thanks to the help of the Robot of that dimension.

    Powers & Abilities

    Angstrom Levy possesses the unique ability to move between dimensions, however, only within fixed space so if steps from one dimension and into another, and the second dimension has a crater, he could be falling into said crater. It is this reason why he performed his experiment to enhance his knowledge of the known dimensions.

    After the experiment failed where his different dimensional selves were killed when the machine he used was destroyed due to his actions in an attempt to stop the Mauler Twins from killing Invincible, Levy became disfigured, possessing a super enlarged and enhanced mind that made him highly grotesque, however, he did gain the knowledge of multiple dimensions as he had hoped.

    Following the failure of his experiment, Angstrom fled to a dimension with super-advanced medicine to make himself whole again but was unable to find anyone to fix his disfigurement. He did possess enhanced strength, enough to hurt a weakened Mark Grayson but not enough to kill him or withstand a furious barrage of blows from Grayson which nearly resulted in his death, a second time.

    Once Angstrom was able to make his way from the dimension where he had hoped to trap Grayson to another where he could be repaired, he would return and utilize spherical robots to monitor Invincible and his family.

    Angstrom returns soon after using his spherical robots to monitor Invincible and gathers other Mark Graysons from other dimensions to attack his. He utilizes new technology, the spheres included. Levy shows the ability to mentally control the spheres as he needs no controls or movement of his hands to do so. He also possesses either the power or technology to levitate in the air, as he is shown in Invincible #60 - The Invincible War when speaking to the Mark Graysons of other dimensions; it is not disclosed as to whether this is a new power or purely technology.

    Following his defeat at Invincible once again, Levy loses his arm and is given a mechanical one.


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