Character » Angler appears in 17 issues.

    Angler has had many battles with Quasar.

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    The Angler was apparently a soldier of Nth Command who was exposed to the Nth Projector and wanted to use it to restore himself.

    The Angler first appeared at Four Freedoms Plaza attempting to steal an Nth projector in storage there.

    With his abilities to step outside space/time for brief moments he easily avoided the FF's security. Quasar on the other hand who had just leased space in the building picked up Angler's energy signature.

    Unbeknownst to anyone, Kayla Ballantine entered the building to return Wendell Vaughn (aka: Quasar)’s lease to him and absently pressed the penthouse floor button in the elevator.

    Quasar intervened but found himself confronted by the Human Torch, who mistook Quasar for the “Crusader” (Marvel Boy) just as the Thing had done years earlier at Project PEGASUS.

    They exchanged energy and flame and finally Quasar decided to lead the Torch to the real threat of the Angler.

    They found him having taken Kayla hostage and was holding the Nth projector, but when Angler threaten to kill her she jammed her heel into his foot and Quasar took advantage by imprisoning Angler in a Quantum-construct. The Torch slagged the projector.

    Angler was delivered to the Vault.

    But it would not be the last time he would be seen...

    Powers and Weapons

    • Interdimensional hyperspace travel for short distances

    • Teleportation

    • Intagibility for brief amounts of time.


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