Angelus's Familiar

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    Angelus's warrior.

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    She is an Light construct created by The Angelus to serve as her chief concubine and enforcer, according to her it took centuries to give her physical form and life of her own. She is the most favored among all her warriors. She first appeared in very first issue by the side of her mistress watching as Jackie Estacado is revealed to be the new Darkness' heir.

    The familiar was present when the Angelus revealed herself before Estacado and The Brotherhood Of Darkness, and attempted to finish them off for good.. Their enemies used quick thinking to figure out she was Angelus' consort and captured the familiar, threatening to kill her if Angelus did not back off. They ran away taking the familiar as a hostage, however while imprisoned, she was able to charm all the guards into letting their guards down and killed them before escaping. She was too tired to reach her mistress safely and ended up falling into a port near a anchored boat. The familiar was sucked into the boat's turbine and shredded to pieces in front of Jackie and a very distraught Angelus, that lashed out at her death by destroying the boat and nearly killing Estacado.

    Powers & Abilities

    The familiar was an Angelus warrior - a sentient construct created from the power of Light, much like the Darklings are Darkness creations. She was gifted with wings which would allow sustained flight, could generate light, communicate telepathically to her mistress, was functionally immortal having lived for centuries (she could still die violently with sufficient force). In addition, she had powers exclusive to her befitting her position as Angelus' concubine, having being created in the first place for pleasure, she is capable of charming mortals into obeying her wishes.


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