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The Angelus Warriors are similar to the Darklings created by the Darkness except that they are sentient beings made of light and created by the Angelus in order to do her bidding. These creatures of light live within a warrior and military like society where each member belongs to a certain rank. In order for the warriors to move up in rank, they must enter into combat with another warrior who is of a higher status in order to defeat and kill them so that they may take their place. The Angelus warriors are often never seen individually as they usually travel in groups. However, single members have been known to travel alone when spying on a target, or planning a discrete assassination attempt. The Angelus warriors seem to be easily killed by the Darkness, but their numbers rarely decrease, and they do not cease to exist when the Angelus is hostless. In fact, they will continue to do their mistress' bidding until she is able to find another suitable host. The Angelus warriors can also remain hidden from human awareness unless they choose other wise. It was also revealed that when an Angelus warrior is killed, it simply returns to the light. Their wide range of powers included enhanced strength and speed, self-propelled flight, various forms of fire manipulation, and all appear to be heavily trained warriors.

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