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When Eddie Brock found out that he had cancer and that the only thing that is keeping him alive is the Symbiote, he auctioned the alien suit and sold it to Don Fortunato for 100 million dollars. He in turn gave it to his son, Angelo, to prove himself to the crime family. When he got possessed by the symbiote, he quickly learns the secret identity of Spider-Man and decided to take him out. Angelo fought Spider-Man and clearly had the advantage in the fight. But when he killed a bystander, Spider-Man didn't hold back and started to beat Angelo into submission. Being a coward that he is, he tried to flee, and the symbiote, disgusted by his actions and calling him weak, left Angelo's body while in mid air. Spider-Man tried to save him but ran out of webbing in his Web Shooters and Angelo died from the subsequent fall.

Powers and Abilities

While in possession of the symbiote, Angelo inherited all of its powers. He gained unlimited webbing, super strength and durability, able to camouflage himself and is immune to Spider-Man's spider-sense.

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