Angelica of Albracca

    Character » Angelica of Albracca appears in 13 issues.

    Angelica of Albracca was the main antagonist in the Arak Son of Thunder series from DC. The princess then witch-queen of White Cathay.

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    Angelica of Albracca was created by Roy Thomas and Ernie Colon.


    She first encountered Arak when she summoned a sea serpent to attack the oar Arak and the Vikings who adopted him were boarding. Most of the vikings were slain including the man whom Arak considered like his father. Angelica took an interest in Arak and wanted him to be one of her goons but Arak resisted and managed to defeat her sea serpent and force Angelica and her brother Argalia and their remaining forces to flee but she was able to attain the Ring of Enchantment which was her primary objective of attacking the island. She was next spotted attempting to lure the knights of Carolus Magnus into her cause of driving the Tartar invaders away from their kingdom. Although her brother Argalia was accidentally killed in the jousts, Angelica using enchantment, almost managed to succeed until she was twarthed at the last moment by Arak and Valda the Iron Maiden. Angelica managed to escape back to White Cathay to discover her father dead and their city nearly overrun. Using her magic, she managed to save the city. Arak, Valda and company then took a voyage towards the sandy sea to rescue Malagigi, Valda's adopted father, who was kidnapped and being held hostage by Angelica. Nearly surprised by Arak and Valda, Angelica eventually subdued both and ventured to have them in a gladiator tournament in her kingdom. Johannes, Arak's mysterious companion, suddenly arrived at Albracca and was revealed as the long lost legitimate king of Albracca and challenged Angelica. Using superior sorcery, Angelica was able to vanish both Arak and Johannes to the lair of the demon. Visibly weakened, Angelica was then attacked by the furious Valda who overpowered her in a fistfight and humiliated her in front of her subjects. Angelica narrowly escaped and was able to get to the demon's dimension where found Arak was left behind by Johannes who managed to return back to Albracca. Angelica tried to persuade Arak to stay by her side but Arak eventually deserted her and returned to Albracca to protect it from the creature summoned by the demon to destroy Albracca and its people as sacrifice. Just as Arak and his companions were able to turn back the demon's minion, Angelica suddenly reappeared at Albracca and attacked them. Angelica was accidentally blinded and subdued but Johannes took pity on her and restored her eyesight.

    After a long hiatus, she once again crossed paths with Arak and company when they visited China on the way back to Arak's homeland. Angelica was in search of the Talisman of Immortality and was able to retrieve it from a Chinese mage. Arak however refused to let Angelica to escape and together with his companions they were able to defeat Angelica's summoned dragon. Close to being apprehended, Angelica took Valda hostage but was eventually tricked into being trapped in a mirror which will serve as her eternal prison since she just took the Talisman of Immortality. Arak decided to break the mirror into pieces to avoid Angelica from ever escaping and committing further evil. Once trapped in the mirror, her true appearance was also revealed, that of an old hag from her previous alluring appearance.

    Powers and Abilities

    Very skilled in sorcery and is in possession of the "Ring of Enchantment" which grants her invisibility and superhuman strength. Can also fire blasts, summon dragons and other mythical creatures and perform other acts of sorcery. Also possesses alluring beauty which distracts men. Although her magic provides her superhuman strength, Angelica didn't seem effective in hand to hand combat against female opponents.


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