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    Angela was one of the rookery eggs from Clan Wyvern. She was raised on Avalon and due to the way time flows on Avalon she is the same age as the trio.

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    Angela is also the biological daughter of Goliath and Demona. She has very different views to her mother on humans as Tom and Princess Katherine raised her. Angela is very close with her rookery brother Gabriel but their is nothing romantic between them.

    After the attack and defeat of the Archmage, Angela decided to follow her rookery father and unknown to her biological father to the outside world hoping to find her place in it.

    Angela started out quite naive at the start of the world tour but by the end she was a competent and fierce fighter. While on the road Angela found Goliath was her biological father, she tried to pursue a close relationship with him he was hesitant at first but the two are now devoted to each other. She also met her biological mother Demona in Paris.

    When Angela met the rest of the Manhattan clan she was quickly welcomed, by the young males in particular. Broadway and Brooklyn both pursued Angela but it was gentle Broadway that won Angela's heart in the end.(According to series creator Angela and Broadway would have three children Artus, Gwenyvere, and Lancelot)

    When Demona was captured by the Gargoyles Angela spent months getting to know her and the two developed a bond. Angela was devastated to find out Demona was only trying to convert Angela to her cause and was in league with Thailog to kill the Manhattan Clan. Despite Demona's betrayal when Angela was threatened by Thailog, Demona fought to protect her daughter.

    Later Angela was mistaken by the Hunters as Demona and was nearly killed. Angela survived and fought alongside the Manhattan Clan and the Hunters against Demona when she tried to wipe out Mankind using the Medici Tablet. She currently resides in the Eyrie building with the rest of her clan.


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