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i have high hopes...but...

it was rather bland, mostly the fights. i mean she took down bor in a single page? bor? of all gods? for him to be killed by thor took an unbreakable mjolnir to be broken. he is that hard. also, what with ridiculous text censoring speech bubble notifications within bor's speech bubble? i never seen like it...the idea is just honestly stupid. don't want bor speaking misogynist or nasty words at all? writers afraid of it? too harsh for sensitive readers? are you kidding me? words are an issue but not the violence? and if you don't want him to talk, then don't make a speech bubble then. that alone, made stop reading the series. and lastly no character development at all, i was hoping for it, but no. angela is still angela, i hate asgard, i'm not your sister, hate, hate, angry, angry. blah 2x same old boring.

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