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Angela Petrelli's abilites are dream related.  While dreaming, she can sense the future, though the images are not necessarily clear. She can appear in other's dreams and has shown a resistance to telepathic control.

Volume 1 Genesis

  Angela is taken in by the NYPD for shoplifting socks . In doing this, she worries her son Nathan , while Peter , her younger son, sees it as a cry for attention. The next day, she sees Peter in the hospital and confesses to him that his father died of suicide , telling him she is worried he may be developing the same condition . She tells Peter that he always was her favorite son. Later, she expresses concern for Peter when Nathan claims his jump was a suicide attempt.

A few days later, Angela plans a family brunch with Heidi to help Nathan's campaign . The brunch is interrupted by Peter who suggests that he is not good enough to attend, but eventually saves Nathan in the interview with Oliver Dennison .

During the next two weeks she spends her time worried about a comatose Peter, fearing he may die of a heart attack. When Peter awakens and leaves in a rage, she is upset that Peter would keep her worried for these two weeks and just leave. Within the next few days, she persuades Nathan not to meet his long-lost daughter and bribe Meredith to end the situation.

When Claire comes to New York City to find Peter, she is instead greeted by Angela. She reveals she is Claire's grandmother. She explains to Claire about her biological parents and the fire , urging Claire to come with her to Paris , but then Mohinder arrives with Peter's dead body. When Peter is revived, she tells Peter she has long known about his abilities . Later on, she claims to also know about Linderman 's plans. When Peter dreams of his mother talking to the  late Charles , she states she thinks Nathan will be who people turn to after the explosion . Angela tries to get Claire out of the city, saying the bomb is inevitable; however, Claire disagrees and flees from Angela. 

Volume 2 Generations


Angela regularly visits Nathan at his hospital room while he recovers from the effects of Peter's explosion . When Nathan later blames her for Peter 's presumed death , she finds a dead threat targeting her. She meets with Kaito Nakamura at Charles Deveaux' s rooftop to discuss the threats. After Kaito is murdered by a hooded killer , Angela is interrogated by Matt Parkman , but she recognizes his interrogation techniques . She is attacked in the interrogation room when the lights mysteriously go out, and in her hospital room she falsely confesses to murdering Kaito .

While in jail, Angela is interrogated again by Matt Parkman , who manages to make her reveal information about Victoria Pratt . After her "early release" from jail, she is confronted by Matt and Nathan about Adam Monroe . She explains how the group of twelve came together, and why Adam is killing the Company's founders , while also secretly commanding Matt to kill Peter if he causes any problems. After Nathan is shot moments before revealing the truth about the Company , we see Angela talking on the phone saying it had to be done, but that Pandora's Box has been opened.


Volume 3 Villains


Angela confronts her son at the hospital where Nathan is staying. She reveals her ability and demands that he brings her son back. Following the death of Bob Bishop , Angela receives control of Primatech and as her first act, fires Elle Bishop for releasing 12 dangerous individuals . Angela then tricks Sylar into believing that she is his mother and wins his trust by feeding him Bridget Balley . After Noah Bennet returns to the Company, Angela assigns him as Sylar's new partner and has them hunt down the villains.

Angela continues to lie to Sylar, and soon finds Peter attacking him within his cell. Peter snaps Sylar's neck and attacks Angela, attempting to slice open her skull . Sylar saves her and Angela has Peter drugged and soon meets with Nathan and Tracy Strauss . Angela reveals that The Company gave Niki , Tracy, Barbara , Nathan and many other people their abilities via a synthetic injection. Angela has another dream, during which she witnesses the deaths of Tracy, Nathan and Peter at the hands of her tought to be dead husban . Arthur then causes Angela to go into a coma.

Via a spirit walk, Hiro learns that Angela attempted to kill Arthur after he used his telepathic powers to manipulate her mind and make her agree with the plan to murder Nathan. Angela also somehow enters Sylar's dreams and manages to wake him up from his induced coma. Matt Parkman uses his powers to enter Angela's comatose mind and battles Arthur to free her. Finally Angela is able to use Matt and Daphne's love for each other to remind Arthur of their own love and he lets her go allowing Matt to bring her out of her coma. Once Angela awakens, she is rejoined with Claire , Peter, Nathan, Matt and Daphne . Angela takes Claire to Noah and prepares the Company for war with Pinehearst. Before Angela, Noah, Meredit and Claire can leave for Pinehearst, Sylar arrives and locks them inside Primatech. Sylar manages to capture Angela and interrogates her on the fact that she is not his birth mother. As Angela confesses her true knowledge of Sylar's parents, Claire shows up and kills him.


Volume 4 Fugitives

  After the destruction of both Primatech and Pinehearst, Angela and one of her employees abduct Rachel Mills and interrogate her to learn the location of the last vial of The Formula . After locating it, Angela returns to New York and spends a few months looking at colleges with Claire. Angela is contacted by Nathan, who tells her to keep Claire away from Peter and Matt. After the crash of Flight 195 , Nathan calls Angela again and recounts exactly what happened. Angela refuses to help Nathan. Through the memories of Noah, it is revealed that Angela shut down the Company in order to rebuild her family. In present time, Noah and Angela meet and discuss plans to stop the hunt for evolved humans from the inside.

Nathan suspects Angela of being Rebel but she denies the claims. She soon receives a visit from Emile Danko and is questioned about Nathan's possible powers . After Danko takes over the operation, Angela becomes a target of the government. Using her dreams, Angela avoids capture and receives help from one of her friends . Peter rescues Angela and takes her to the church where she was married. Angela reveals details about her past, including the manifestation of her dreams and existence of a sister . Angela has Peter take her to the Coyote Sands , a location which she also gets Nathan, Claire and Noah to travel to. Once everyone is gathered, Angela has everyone start to dig up the shallow graves of the former prisoners of the sands.

Angela recounts her time in the sands, arriving there with her family at the age of 16. She remembers how close she was to her sister and her first meeting with Charles Deveaux , Linderman and Bob. She tells her family what happened at the sands when it was a concentration camp and reveals that she escaped with her friends and when she returned, everything was gone, including her family. After a vicious storm manifests within the sands, Angela is taken to her sister’s bunker. Angela reveals to Alice that she lied about her dream and Alice leaves her, refusing to join Angela’s family. Angela, Peter, Nathan, Noah and Claire go to the diner and all agree to form a new company.

After learning that Sylar has taken Nathan's apeeareance , Angela, Noah and Claire attempt to drive to Washington . Noah has the ladies get out of the car as he suspects a government ambush to be coming. Angela and Claire arrive at Washington and the two part ways. Angela makes her way to a bus stop where she meets with Matt. She reveals that she had a dream where Matt saves Nathan and she eventually convinces Matt to follow her. After finding Nathan's dead body, a distraught and grieving Angela has Matt use his powers to force Sylar to think he is Nathan, effectively "recreating" her son and "killing" Sylar.

Five weeks later, Angela visits Sylar/Nathan in Nathan's office. She expresses her worry for him, a worry which is furthered when Sylar/Nathan ignores her and unknowingly uses his ability to fix a fast clock. 

Volume 5 Redemption

  Angela calls Noah and gives him the assignment of killing Tracy Strauss as she has been responsible for the murders of several Building 26 agents. She asks him why he has been avoiding "Nathan"'s calls and Noah corrects her, asking if she means Sylar. Angela claims they did what they had to do but Noah admits he thinks it was the wrong move. Angela ends the conversation by telling him to get the company started again.

Angela has lunch at Kojin Sushi and is shocked to see Sylar walk in, dressed like Nathan. He kisses her on the cheek and apologises for his lack of manners. Angela awakens from her dreams just as her car arrives at the restaurant. "Nathan" walks in and apologises for being late. Angela discusses Noah's lack of cooperation with them and Nathan tells her that he will take care of it. He then confides in Angela that he hasn't been feeling like himself and Angela tells him to get a sports car and a younger woman just like his father did.

Angela, knowing something is wrong with "Nathan", calls Matt Parkman and pleads with him to reinforce the Nathan persona onto Sylar. Matt refuses and tells her that he has quit using his ability. Angela tells him that there is no such thing as quiting and hangs up after Matt once again refuses her request.


Angela brings some toys to "Nathan" in his office and invites him to relive some childhood memories. She watches as he examines the stuff and smiles. After learning that he has been talking to Millie about Kelly , Angela goes to speak with "Nathan". He tells her all he knows about what happened the night she died and Angela tells him that she made The Haitian to erase his memories  so that he could forget. "Nathan" asks if Angela is going to let Millie think that Kelly ran away because she was a horrible mother and Angela tells him that if it protects her family then yes, she will.

Angela later has dinner with Millie and apologizes for "Nathan"'s behaviour. She tells her that he hasn't been himself lately and Millie tells her not to worry about it. She receives a phone call but then tells Angela that it wasn't important and proposes a toast, to "closure".

Angela joins Peter at his apartment for dinner. While Peter is talking to her, she seems distant. The two eat dinner and Peter tells her that he has to go to work. Angela tells him that she will stay in his apartment a little longer in case "Nathan"  is running late. 


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