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Current Events

The Best of Zenescope Special Edition collects a number of previous stories from across the Zenescope library, but in its final chapter it suggest events which are to occur in the future of the primary Zenescope characters. A mysterious figure looks at the various characters both in terms of past and future events - Sela's search for her daughter Ilys, Ilys mourning the death of her supposed mother Venus, the resurrection of Shang, the return of Belinda, the battle between Robyn Hood and Britney Waters, the assembly of the Greek Gods including Angel and the continued servitude of Cindy to the Dark One. In the case of the latter Cindy is shown trying to conjur some demonic forces for the service of the Dark One but while doing so the mysterious figure arrives and stops her and abducts her.


Angel is in fact the ancient Greek goddess of magic known as Hecate. True to the myth the character is generally associated with evil acts, and Angel was no exception. After being cast into the realm of Hades for her actions though, she starts to see the errors of her ways and she comforts Persephone who has been sent there as well to be the mate of the realm's ruler. Much later a young lawyer fighting against large corporations appears named Heather Angelos. After stopping a large client she heads to Greece where she receives the news from Zeus that after all this time that she is being given a second chance.


Her first appearance was in Grimm Fairy Tales Angel: One Shot. She fits with the title's trend at the time to incorporate characters from ancient Greek mythology.

Character Evolution

The character has evidently gone through some changes in her life, how those will play out remain to be seen.

Major Story Arcs

In her first appearance she battles Ares and his armies which he has used to assume control of the Greek parliament in a moment of crisis.

Powers and Abilities

It remains to be seen of the exact scale of her power, but they are insinuated to be immense. As the goddess of magic she presumably has the entire potential of magic at her disposal. In her angel form she can also fly. She has also proven herself to be an above average combatant, being able to fight Ares to a standstill.


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