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Extremely mysterious being, whose appearance is not unlike those most commonly associated with Angels. What is known is that she shares some connection to the Mishima family, most specifically Kazuya Mishima and acts as a counter agent to the similarly mysterious being known as The Devil. Rumors have circulated that she might even be the personification of Kazuya's Mishima's good side, however it is known that she is separate entity. She has attempted to save his soul by battling the Devil for it, the Devil also wanting his heart and soul. It is likely that she did not succeed given that Kazuya has gone on to embrace the Devil and his more ruthless and aggressive nature and qualities.    


Angel is a Namco Bandai character created by Katsuhiro Harada. She first appears in the video game franchise Tekken, appearing in Tekken 2 released in 1996. Following on, she first appears in the 2001 comic Tekken Forever #1. 

Powers and Abilities

Divine supernatural abilities and powers, Angel is an accomplished fight, she possesses the ability to fly and to shoot energy lasers from her eyes. Much like details surrounding her, Angel's abilities and powers are ambiguous and mysterious, but she is capable of engaging the Devil in battle.  

Other Media

Video Games 

Tekken 2 (1996)
Tekken Tag Tournament (2000)  
Tekken Tag Tournament (2012)

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