I liked Uncanny X-Force 001

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I just got to go back and read the original X-Factor 10 a week before Uncanny X-Force 001, and it was nice to see the revisit to the scene of Angel being pinned to the wall.  

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The main reason I read old comics is to get back story, this helps me enjoy new comics. I read two comics over two decades apart, and I saw the same scene twice.  
I'm not an Angel fan, nor do I think there were many Angel fans before he was Archangel, I just wanted to point out this historical turning point for this character's development. It just gave me some weird since of accomplishment to connect the dots.
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I was never a fan of Angel before either, but of course that's changed since Archangel... he's one of my favorites now :)

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I knew that scene was familiar O_o oh yea there were very FEW angel fans Archangel actually made warren far more likable and interesting

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Warren was a rather plain and ordinary character(as far as X-Men go) before he was turned into Archagnel.  Seeing his struggle to control, temper, and work side by side with Archangel has made him one of the more interesting characters

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He must of had some fans back in the day, Marvel wouldn't of given him his own team the 'Champions' just to fail miserably.

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