Archangel transitioning to the new Apocalypse

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Does anyone have any full-body show pictures of him as Apocalypse from Uncanny X-Force? BTW what are the upgrades to his powers? Is he Omega-Level yet?
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It's more of a metapohrical thing. This is the first heir not to turn into Apoc

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Maybe now that he has access to all of Apocalype's advanced tech he might upgrade himself with some celestial tech, like the way Apocalypse did himself all those many centuries ago.

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Hang on...Archangel is Apocalypse. When did all this happen?

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#5 Posted by DEGRAAF (8409 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought he just took over as the Ruler of the Apocalypse universe.

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#6 Posted by EnSabahNurX (2321 posts) - - Show Bio

@batkevin74 said:

Hang on...Archangel is Apocalypse. When did all this happen?

it's been going on for a while in Uncanny x-force, it's like a 7 issue arc showing him becoming the heir to apocalypse lol

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#7 Posted by TheGoldenOne (38932 posts) - - Show Bio
@batkevin74 said:

Hang on...Archangel is Apocalypse. When did all this happen?
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Okay so Archangel's heading towards being Apocalypse probably coz his wings maybe have Apocalypse essence or some other b&!!$#/+. It'd be nice if it did happen but it won't, just like Daredevil going bad then coming back. It would be great if they let a hero slide into evil, slowly, surely and willingly into where they are so far across the line before they realise they crossed it (and hopefully demon free like DD's "fall" was). Maybe Marvel will go topsy turvey spin good guys into bad guys and bad guys into good guys. It's happening already. Juggernaut joined the Deadpool became a "hero", Colossus became Juggernaut, Dr Doom joined the FF. Heck years ago Magneto ran the X-Men, Sabretooth was an X-Man!

Thanks for the links to what's going on with Archangel guys

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@Namor1987: He's not the new Apocalypse. The celestial technology used to transform Angel into the Archangel eventually created a separate personality that has taken on Apocalypse's mission (since ol' blue lips is dead as a doornail after Fantomex blew a hole in his latest incarnation)

Apparently Apocalypse's whole "Survival of the fittest" gimmick wasn't a personal was a task passed down from the Celestials to ensure Earth wasn't a waste of space, if the weak aren't culled in a timely manner and the evolution into advanced superhumans slows to a crawl, the Celestials zap us out existence as we know it and start from scratch.

AoA Wolverine explained all of this, seeming to believe whole-heartedly that what he's doing (wiping out the human race) is for the betterment of the prosperity of the planet.

Archangel hasn't been shown using any powers that differ from his usual repertoire, although it's not out of the question since it appears the AoA Wolverine gained an energy cannon in place of his nub...I don't however, believe these enhancements qualify either avatar of Apocalypse's legacy to be Omega mutants...(a term I will forever despise)

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It is a pretty awesome upgrade to become the horseman Death and know you are eventually going to take Apocalypse's place if he fails at his mission. Which he did right before the Celestials showed up and wisked him away for failing to cull humanity yet again. Really love what has been going on with Archangel though. I hope it is permanent and that he becomes a regular fixture as a villain.

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