Angel Is The Next Marvel Universe Exclusive Figure

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Democracy has won again! Hip-hip hooray! USA! USA! USA! (Please replace "USA" with your favorite country) Last week, we let you guys in on the democratic process by giving you a link to vote for a new Marvel Universe action figure on the Marvel website. The people have spoken and it's time to let you guys in on the winner..... Archangel in his X-force uniform?

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That's right... Archangel beat out Norman Osborn in his H.A.M.M.E.R. uniform, and Moonstone as Ms. Marvel. Why does this choice seem like a disappointment? Well, the other day we let you guys know who was in the next series of Marvel Universe figures, and one of the figures in that set is Archangel in his classic outfit. So, I'm smelling a repaint. Two figures back-to-back. The only way to get this bad boy is to sign up for Marvel's Online comics, just like with the Nick Fury figure. When will we see this new figure though?

YOU can get your very own exclusive Archangel Marvel Universe action figure when it premieres at New York Comic Con 2010! Just order a monthly or annual subscription at New York Comic Con and we'll hand you a nifty new Archangel exclusive toy!

 The NYCC is October, so that's when you'll be able to pick up the new X-Force Archangel figure.
Would you guys buy a monthly or annual subscription to Marvel's Online Comics for this figure?
Thanks to leokearon for pointing this out to us!
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sorry but suck. and predictable since he has the largest fan following
of the four choices. plus it was predictable that they would eventually
do a four pack using that repaint along with the X-Force Wolverine
and Warpath as well as include an X-23 either way. congrats to those
that wanted it though.

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Anyone know where I can find a Bucky Cap marvel universe figure?
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If it's not white and feathery it's not Angel.

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Kitty Pryde would've been better...

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I like Archangels look better than how he looked as angel.

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@raidenexe said:
"Anyone know where I can find a Bucky Cap marvel universe figure? "

He's available in a Giantic Battle Pack which comes with a Giant Skrull.
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@raidenexe:  In a two-pack with a 12" Skrull Giant Man. It came out back in October, so it'll probably only run you about $10 in stores by now.
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Want it

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@raidenexe: You have to buy the giant sized Goliath two pack... I think its a WalMart exclusive though.
Also they messed up the paint job on him... he's black.
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There is alot of repaint type stunts with this figure run. I have seen like 4 different versions of spiderman. I had a complete set and just got tire of it and moved it but there are some really good figures.

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I love the violent almost bipolar/schizophrenic nature of the new Archangel & will try to get this. I hope they make a Warpath & Wolfsbane in X-Force costumes next

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I want Diamond Select to make a Multiple Man figure (coming with two dupes).
I don't much care for this line of figures. They're pretty sloppy in most I've encountered and their variants are rather unremarkable.

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I remember as a kid the archangel action figure was the most valueble xmen figure selling at most comic shops for a pretty high price for a toy(tho I forget the actual price).
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Archangel is one of my favorite characters, I personally don't mind a repaint too much, so long as it actually looks like him

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yeaah!!! :3
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I would love to see a good Psylocke done.

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If it's an action figure and it's not atleast 6'', It's lame.

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i knew it

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i really hate mu figures , i just want legends back !!!!!

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