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    Member of The Seven Guns

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    One of the members of the somewhat defunct supergroup, Seven Guns, The. Status is not completely known by issue #1 of "Black Summer" by Warren Ellis. However a news reporter states that Kathryn Artemis and Angel One have been spotted on the streets since the President's murder by their former team member John Horus.

    Trouble Begins

    Angela goes to retrieve her friend Tom Noir from his apartment, cloaked by Kathrn Artemis's distraction. Dominic Hyde goes on Tv, to assure the media that John Horus and the Seven guns are not working together, however, A group of soldiers fire on Artemis, and she fired back slaughtering most of them, this prompts the air force to shoot at Angel One and Tom Noir, who just happen to be airborne, Activating her powers Angel destroyed the planes and the pilots with it causing a massive uproar in the media. When Angel and Tom reach the HQ, they all decide on whats the best plan of action, Tom goes off, appearing to surrender, but is fired on and "Killed". This enrages Dominic, who decides to take back their city fighting both the U.S and John Horus. Frank Blacksmith deploys his own Super enhanced team to raid an old Weapons dump that the guns had previously owned, and the two groups erupted in a fight, Dominic Hyde was killed leaving the three Woman: Angel One, Artemis and Zoe alive. In the end They find out that Tom killed Frank Blacksmith and John Horus.

    Angel One's enhancements include more than a standard gun enhancement. In a flashback during Issue no. 2, Angela explains the implants called "floaters" which allow for her flight/levitation. The floaters are bound between the bone and muscle and are powered by the energy that her body produces naturally. The floaters work through a magnetic process creating a diamagnetic field and is stronger in places like cities where there is a lot of metal under the ground.

    Angel One's gun activation code word is: Daedalus.


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