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Big Moments

Plot: Death, war, humor, and more.


"You always said it's the big moments that show who you are. Let's find out"

Oh shit. This issue has so many oh yeah moments. So many twists and turns. Before I read this issue I flipped through it, and spoiled a certain characters death for myself. However I didn't see who killed them, once I found out...oh man.

Sweet character development. Sophie and Lavinia really make strides in this area. As humorous as the two are, they really are complex characters. We once again call back to Sophie losing her lover during the Blitz. Sophie has one of the best quotes of the series.

SOPHIE(to a werewolf): Well, hello. Aren't you a handsome creature.

WEREWOLF: Handsome? Look at me! I'm a monster!

SOPHIE: Oh, darling, please. You'll be the star of the furry conventions...

I couldn't stop laughing. Those two just crack me up. Angel continues to try and save Whistler from himself. This leads to some great dialogue between the two.

Now into some spoiler-y territory. So if you don't want spoilers, I'd suggest you stop reading.

"Oh my...WHAT?!?" was basically my reaction when Nadira's seemingly dead body gets up. Last issue she appeared to have died at the hands of Pearl and Nash when they basically burn half of her body. Being that she's been burned half to death, and not in the best shape she doesn't last long. She does last long enough to deliver a major blow to Nash, who then swats Nadira against the wall. Faith finishes what Nadira started and kills Nash, and something happens to Pearl which basically takes her out of the game as well. Ta-ta Pearl and Nash. Heheh I hated those two.

This was probably my favorite moment of the whole entire arc so far. Nadira's brief return was great and totally badass. Pearl and Nash's downfall has been something I've been hoping for since the beginning of the season, and it did not disappoint. Now I wonder is Pearl dead or not? I assume not since we don't see a body.

Another question I have is with Nadira and Nash dead, does that mean no more deaths? Christos stated two main characters would die. Both are main characters, but does Nash count since he was one of the Big Bads?

Really loving Faith in this arc. She's one of the stand outs of this season. "Season Nine" has been real tuff on Ms. Lehane from what happened with her father, to the slayer, and now Nadira. I expect a lot of changes from her next season.

That closing line which I used as my opening is so great. Whistler despite only being in two episodes of the Buffy series, is probably one of the most quoted characters. Angel saying it was so powerful and really sets the stage for next issues epic finale.


Oh damn, Rebekah that cover. Rebekah Isaac's cover is so great. Angel spinning Whistler's hat...*sigh* can she please draw everything? Yeah but some stand out moments artistically are...

* Nadira's "Not......Finished......Yet." panel.

* Lavinia comforting that citizen whose all electric.

* Nadira grabbing her blade.

* Faith witnessing Nadira's death.

* Faith finishing off Nash.

Yeah. Rebekah is great, she needs to be back for season 10.


Magnificent issue. Such a great book. Christos Gage balances so many feelings in this issue from triumph, tragedy, and comedy. Rebekah Isaac continues to stun me with her fantastic art. I plan to review the season as a whole once next issue is released and I've reviewed that.

5/5 Perfect

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