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It's All Been Leading to This...

Plot: Whistler's plan nears completion can Angel, Faith, Giles, and the others stop him? Or is it already to late?

Story and Script

Okay so SPOILERS someone dies. It's kind of crazy. The character dies as they lived. Too blinded by their own rage to see anything clearly. Still I finally felt for the character again. After the last arc(Death and Consequences) I was left hoping this character would be one of the two main characters to bite the dust. Now? Not so much. Though if it means some of the other characters are safe, I guess I'm fine with that.

This death will surely have a major impact on one of the two main characters(I'm being vague, so I don't completely spoil who died) as this person had long been trying to set them on the right path. Though after the last arc that seemed almost impossible. The two do go out on alright terms, but I'm sure the character's death will weigh on this character.

Okay enough with vagueness. So you know how I absolutely hated Pearl and Nash, well I still do. Though I suppose it's a sign of good writing I hate them so much. The Faith, Giles, Alasdair, Nadira, Sophie, & Lavinia V.S. Pearl and Nash battle is spectacular. Easily one of the best battles I've seen in a while.

Whistler's demonic form is so badass. Visually it's my favorite Buffyverse Demon design. The back and forth between Whistler and Angel is extremely well written. Fingers crossed Whistler survives this season. It's so great to have him at forefront now, that's something I really think the Buffy and Angel shows missed out on.

The humor is still there despite there being an apocalypse. Sophie and Lavinia best survive and be present next season. Giles is pretty damn awesome here too. I'd like to see a Giles, Sophie, Lavinia, and Alasdair book next season.

This issues cliffhanger is great, and I can't wait to see what happens next issue.


Spectacular as always


Amazing issue. I've gone on long enough.


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