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Angel & Faith Digest!

I'll admit I was hesitant about this issue. Not that I wasn't excited for a whole issue of Faith and Spike. It's just the last one off issue this book had was pretty bad. So did this continue the trend? Well...

Plot: Angel is crazy, Spike and Faith got to help him!

Story & Script

(Continuing from first paragraph)...nope. This issue advances the plot a bit, and delivers some great humor. Faith and Spike's interaction is wonderful. Angel & Faith also continues with name dropping easter eggs and I love it(Jenny Calender is mentioned yet again, I have a feeling Jenny might have some sort of role in the finale with all of the mentions and visions of her. Where as after Season 3, where she appeared as a form of the First Evil, Jenny was almost never mentioned.)! There is also a mention of Principle Robin Wood. Spike is great here. He's Season Four Spike in terms of characterization(Which was one of the few good things about Season Four).

Spike has a wonderful scene with Angel. It pretty much sums up who Spike is. Faith's reaction to what happens between Spike and Harmony is hilarious.


Great as usual. I got the Archie homage cover, it's one of the best covers I've seen in a while.


Great issue! Pick it up.

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