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It's an all new arc! Faith's been keeping a pretty big secret from her slayers, and it's time to face the consequences.


What can I really say about Rebekah Isaacs art outside of it being completely stunning. It's great to have her back on the book. She's able to convey the characters brilliantly and brings a very realistic feel without making it look like she just copied a picture of the actors. She draws a great Giles.

Rating: 5/5

Story and Script.

After a very lackluster filler issue the story gets back on it's winning streak. The thing I keep bringing up which I love about this season is the morality of the characters. In this book there is no black and white. Most of these characters are somewhere in the grey area. Specifically Angel.

Nadira brings up all the things, we the readers would want to say. How many times exactly has Angel let Dru slip under the cracks? Way too many times. Angel's morality is really brought into question, as his current ambitions seems to be hurting those around him.

Poor Faith. This issue really cements that she really is a character with a good heart. She wants to help Angel, yet she wants to help these Slayers that Giles assigned her to help. The whole series has been a tug of war between these two choices. It's a compelling tale, but now that it's all out in the open I'm really happy as it opens up new possibilities.

The cliffhanger here is well really crazy. While one of my favorite books kills a character( Chew #30 ) this book brings one back. How exactly is currently unknown but I'm sure in true Buffy fashion it won't be exactly seems. That and I've learned to never trust a last page character reveal as most of the time they end up being lies.

The only really negative I can say is this isn't as compelling the prior arc, but still a much better read than the last issue.

Rating: 4/5


An interesting read that brings up a lot of questions. This issue kicks of a brand new story which should prove to be a good one, especially with the cover of the next issue revealing another character's return.

Rating: 4.5/5

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