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Angel Face is a thief. She justifies her crimes by saying the victim never deserved their riches to begin with. She targeted Liz Osborn and her son Normie, which put her at odds with the Green Goblin. With her partners Salt and Pepper, she fought the Goblin several times, even besting him in personal combat. After defeating him, Angel Face was about to kill the Goblin when he used his lunatic laugh, causing her to miss and shoot a steam pipe. The hot water hit her right in the face, scarring her badly.

She was taken to Ravencroft for psychiatric evaluation after that battle but escaped and assembled a gang of thugs.

She then seeked to get revenge on Green Goblin for disfiguring her face, and took a hostage who happened to be a girl Phil cared deeply about, this led to their 2nd confrontation, at the end of which Angel Face was seemingly killed in an explosion.


In the alternate future of MC2, Angel Face has two super villainous sons: Crazy Eight and Funny Face. Crazy Eight was the more loving of the two, often encouraging his brother to visit their mother or suggesting that they break her out of the "loonie bin" and go on a crime spree. When Crazy Eight was gunned down by Mr. Nobody (an event Funny Face blames on Spider-Girl), the villain freed his mother from the asylum.

Together, the faces turned the underworld upside down, busting up gangs belonging to both the Kingpin and Canus looking for information on Mr. Nobody and Spider-Girl. Eventually, they were confronted by the New Warriors and Angel Face is defeated by Spider-Girl. However, the young hero has had it with bad guys seeking revenge on her friends and family. She cuts a deal with the faces, allowing them to leave in peace as long as they promise to stop with the violence.

The deal doesn't last long though, as the faces get bored and decide to come back to New York to finish the job they started. Along the way, they are confronted by Peter Parker, who has resumed his identity as Spider-Man with the help of a bionic leg built by Big Brain of the Fantastic Five. Spider-Man appears to have the upper hand until his bionic leg malfunctions and becomes stuck to a wall. They finish off the trapped hero with ease and take him captive.

Spider-Girl finds the faces by using her spider-sense and quickly proves to them that she isn't going to take their crap. Angel Face tries to make another deal with the young hero, but is promptly refused. The faces have only one option, the option to surrender. Funny Face attacks and Angel Face attempts to run away. However, the Green Goblin has been patrolling the city looking for Spider-Girl. He sees the gas (from Funny Face's deadly puppet, Bucky) rising from the warehouse and flies down to investigate. Seeing his old foe, he engages Angel Face and manages to defeat her, despite his fears. Spider-Girl meanwhile captures Funny Face.

Angel Face is incarcerated once again and has thus far remained behind bars.


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