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Christine was raised in the suburbs of Chicago and led a peaceful existence until her powers emerged. She left her parents because she thought that they would not accept the reality that she is a mutant. She became a runaway and while her parents were mentioned actively seeking her, Christine avoids contact with them. She joined the Morlocks in Chicago (Cell, Electric Eve, Litterbug, Postman, Shatter and Trader) and found herself a new home to live with new personalities that accept who she is and helps her regarding the issues of her identity.


Angel Dust is a Morlock and a Marvel comics character. The Morlocks are underground group of mutants who are disaffected and feel shunned by society. Angel Dust is from the Chicago Morlock community and was created by Geoff Johns, Shawn Martinbrough and Gregory Wright. Angel Dust first appears in Morlocks #1 released in 2002.

Major Story Arcs

A Morlock

In "Morlocks" #1, Christine defended Cell from the police, decking a police officer. She explained to the rookie mutant about Sentinels. In #2 (July, 2002), Christine argued with her teammate Eve, the only other woman on the team. Christine considered Eve too "cold" and ruthless while Eve argued Christine belonged with her parents, not in the sewers. When Cell and Shatter intervened, Christine lost her temped and flung them both away. She fled in tears when she saw a cranial injury on Trader. Trader had to explain that he already had the injury before even meeting her. The two found a common point in hating their life in hiding. She later helped Shatter reclaim his dog from the pound and Eve to meet her "ex-boyfriend". She was shocked to see Eve murder said boyfriend, actually her former pimp.

In #3 (August, 2002), Christine joined her team in returning to their tunnels. They were discovered and attacked by the police. She tried to shield Shatter from attacks and heart some of the officers planning to rape her ("have fun with this little mutant"). Eve defended Christine by electrocuting the officers in question. She and Litterbug later tore down a steel door at the hospital, allowing Postman one last visit with his comatose wife. Christine was convinced to go have a last visit with her parents. She revealed her nature as a mutant and was pleasantly surprised to be accepted by her parents.However she noticed Sentinels approaching and had to flee before they hurt her parents. She was later crying and comforted by Eve. Litterbug admitted to having helped designed these Sentinels before his powers kicked in.

In #4 (September, 2002), Christine was enraged and attacked Litterbug for his role in the tragedy of her life. She was beating him up when Shatter convinced her to stop. The Morlocks later worked out a plan to disable the Sentinel facility in Chicago. They captured a Sentinel and Christine ripped it open. Litterbug then reprogrammed it and had it transport them within the Sentinel facility. Within Christine tried to use her computer skills to reprogram the computers present in the facility. She had to interrupt her effort to save Cell from a missile. Dr. Metellus, project director had discovered. The Morlocks did manage to destroy the facility and kill Metellus but it cost them Cell's life. The remaining Morlocks proceeded to steal a van and escape Chicago. Christine did not follow them, deciding to rejoin her parents. The Morlocks had no time to convince her to flee but where clearly worried Christine would be an easy target when the Sentinels got back to work.


During the M-Day when lots of mutants were depowered, Angel Dust was one of them and her powers of berserker strength have vanished. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Christine can elevate her adrenaline levels to give her super human strength. Her strength varied from being able to lift c. 800 libres to being able to lift c. 25 tons, based on her adrenaline levels at the time. Her speed, agility and stamina were also enhanced. However she could only use her powers for a short time before exhausting herself. She was prone to berserker rages at times.

Other Media


Deadpool (2016)

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Gina Corano will be taking up the role of Angel Dust in the 2016 live-action movie Deadpool. She is one of the two enemies Deadpool faces. She is extremely strong and takes it up against the likes of X-Man Colossus.


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