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David Angar was a hippie and a radical social activist, who volunteered for an experiment that would give him superhuman powers. Moondragon provided a crooked lawyer named Kerwin J. Broderick with a machine built on Titan. The machine subjected Angar's vocal chords to a bombardment with hypersound. As a result, Angar could scream very loudly and cause people to have hallucinations. Moondragon intended for Angar to be an ally against the mad Titan Thanos, but Broderick hired Angar as an assassin.


Angar the Screamer was created by Rich Buckler and Steve Gerber in 1973 and first appeared in Daredevil # 100.

Major Story Arcs

Versus Daredevil

In his first appearance, Angar tried to kill Daredevil and Black Widow. Angar was defeated and would fight many heroes over the years.

Screaming Mimi and Death

He later entered a relationship with Screaming Mimi. On a robbery, he was shot, and as he died in her arms, she screamed for over an hour until her larynx was destroyed. She was then found by Baron Helmut Zemo, who had Fixer rebuild her voicebox and give her new powers, after which she joined the Thunderbolts as Songbird.

Life after Death

The Fixer also took Angar's body and experimented upon his larynx. The Fixer's experiments resurrected Angar himself as the abstract sound being called, Scream, who became part of the Redeemers. Scream showed no emotions or intelligence and only obeyed orders. When the Redeemers fought Graviton, most of the team was killed and Scream was dispersed. He managed to restore itself through Songbird's energy and went on a rampage, until he had Songbird disperse him for good.

In Other Media


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Angar in the TV series
Angar in the TV series

The MCU version of Angar the screamer appears in the episode "One Of Us", portrayed by Jeff Daniel Philips. This version of the character is a man who underwent experimental radiation therapy to cure his throat cancer, which had the side effect of giving him a voice that causes anyone hears it to fall into a catatonic state. He was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. and imprisoned before being freed by Calvin Zabo. Zabo recruits Angar and several other superhumans to help battle Phil Coulson's team, but they end up defeated and taken back into custody.


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