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    Mother of Hulkling and Skrull Royalty.

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    Origin & History

    Anelle was the Heiress Apparent of the Skrull Empire as the daughter of the Skrull Emperors  Dorrek VII and R'Klll. Her mother succeeded her father as monarch of the Empire, while Anelle kept her position as heiress till her death.

    Anelle was somewhat of a dissapointment to her parents. In contrast to their own ruthlesness, Anelle grew up to be quite timid and kind-hearted. They still had affection for her and tolerated her "weakness". Anelle was first depicted as the love interest of Morrat, an ambitious military officer who dreamed of becoming the next Emperor of the Skrulls. Morrat managed to capture the Fantastic Four in an effort to establish his name and advance his cause. Dorrek soon realised that Morrat intended to dethrone him and led his personal guard to face Morrat. Anelle defended her lover, only to see him executed by command of her father. She tried to rush to him, almost getting shot in the attempt. She was rescued by a force field created by Susan Storm.

    Anelle was later seen flirting with the Super-Skrull, despite the fact that she doubted his battle skills. During the Kree/Skrull War, Anelle pleaded with her father in favor of  prisoners Captain Marvel, the Scarlet Witch, the Super-Skrull (who was considered a traitor) and Quicksilver. She failed to secure any mercy  from her father. Later, Anelle begged Dorrek not use the omni-wave projector.
     It was later revealed that she had formed an alliance with Captain Marvel, planning to dethrone her father during the Kree/Skrull War. She believed her rise to the throne would ensure a peace treaty between the two empires. During their alliance, the duo started a relationship. She managed to convice Super-Skrull to help her lover escape. Anelle was left behind, unknowingly pregnant. She later gave birth to Dorrek VIII.  Anelle had Dorrek smuggled to Earth and raised by one of her maids, where he later became a Young Avenger under the codename Hulkling.  Anelle was killed when Galactus consumed the Skrull Throneworld.

    Powers & Abilities

    Anelle had the shape-shifting abilities of an average Skrull. She could assume the shape of another person or object but was limited in the distribution of mass required for the transformation. She could not assume the form of someone with twice her own mass or with less a 3/4 of her mass. The Skrulls live longer than humans, average age of death being 210 years. An average Skrull is about as strong as an average Earth human being of the same physical age, height, and build who engages in the same amount of exercise.

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