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    Andy Mangels is an American comics writer and novelist. He has done work for Innovation, Image and Elfquest, and most recently he worked on Arcana's Dragon's Lair.

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    Andy Mangels' first published work was an exhaustive bibliographical checklist, and a trivia page for the Fantagraphics book, Focus on George Perez. Focus was a career retrospective on George Perez, detailing his work into the late 80s. Andy's checklist was intensely researched, massively detailed, and culled mostly from his own collection. Fantagraphics editor Kim Thompson obviously liked what he saw in the man's work and hired Andy to write regularly for Amazing Heroes. During the 90s Andy wrote several comics adaptations for the movies Child's Play, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday The 13th. He worked for WaRP Graphics, writing the Elfquest spinoff title Blood of Ten Chiefs with art from a rotating staff of exceptional creators, including his Child's Play artist, Brandon McKinney. With its 14th issue, Andy became the editor of the award-winning anthology series Gay Comics succeeding comics legends Howard Cruse and Robert Triptow. Andy has written for both DC and Image Comics and has since gone on to write several novels for Paramount's Star Trek series, two of which became best-sellers.

    Personal Life

    Andy was born and raised in Northwest Montana. In his early twenties, he moved to Portland Oregon where he has made his home since. He is one of the few openly gay comics creators, and has made great inroads for acceptance of gay and lesbian creators and fans into the comics community. Lately, Andy has branched out into writing and producing documentaries on different pop culture subjects ranging from Wonder Woman to The Real Ghostbusters animated cartoon.





    Other Media


    • 1985 Focus On George Perez
    • 1992 The Nightmare Never Ends
    • 1993 Domesticity Isn't Pretty: A Leonard And Larry Collection (introduction)
    • 1994 The Best Of Gauntlet (essay)
    • 1995 Star Wars: The Essential Guide To Characters
    • 1998 Beyond Mulder And Scully: The Mysterious Characters Of The X-Files
    • 2000 From Scream To Dawson's Creek: The Phenomenal Career Of Kevin Williamson
    • 2001 Star Trek: The Next Generation "Section 31-Rogue"
    • 2002 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "Mission Gamma-Cathedral"
    • 2002 Roswell: Skeletons In The Closet
    • 2003 Animation On DVD The Ultimate Guide
    • 2003 Star Trek Lost Era 2298 "The Sundered"
    • 2003 Roswell: Pursuit
    • 2003 Roswell: Turnabout
    • 2005 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine  "Worlds Of Deep Space Nine Book 2-Trill"
    • 2005 Star Trek: Titan "Book 1-Taking Wing"
    • 2005 Star Trek: Titan "Book 2-The Red King"
    • 2006 Star Trek: Enterprise "Last Full Measure"
    • 2006 Star Trek: Starfleet Corps Of Engineers "Book 8-Aftermath"
    • 2007 Star Trek: Enterprise "The Good That Men Do"
    • 2008 Star Trek: Excelsior "Forged In Fire"
    • 2008 Iron Man: Beneath The Armor
    • 2008 Star Trek: Enterprise "Kobayashi Maru"
    • 2011 Lou Scheimer: Creating The Filmation Generation


    2004-2005 Wonder Woman S1, S2, S3 
    2005 The Best Of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe
    2005-2006 He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe S1V1, S1V2, S2V1, S2V2
    2005 He-Man And She-Ra A Christmas Special
    2006-2007 The Legend Of Prince Valiant V1, V2
    2006 The Best Of She-Ra Princess Of Power
    2006 Flash Gordon The Complete Series
    2006 Blackstar The Complete Series
    2006 Space Sentinels & The Freedom Force The Complete Series
    2006-2007 Defenders Of The Earth V1, V2
    2006 Groovie Ghoulies The Saturday "Mourning" Collection
    2006 Journey Back To OZ Special Edition
    2006-2007 She-Ra Princess Of Power S1V1, S1V2, S2
    2006 Ark II The Complete Series
    2006 Dungeons And Dragons The Complete Series
    2006-2007 The New Adventures Of He-Man V1, V2
    2006 Star Trek The Animated Series 
    2007 Space Academy The Complete Series
    2007 Ghostbusters The Animated Series V1, V2
    2007 Jason Of Star Command The Complete Series
    2007 Mission Magic! The Complete Series
    2007 Hero High The Complete Series
    2007 The Archie Show The Complete Series 
    2007 The Best Of Bravestarr 
    2007 The Secrets Of Isis The Complete Series 
    2008 The Real Ghostbusters The Complete Series
    2008 Bravestarr The Series V1
    2008 The New Adventures Of The Lone Ranger And Zorro V1
    2008 Archie's Funhouse The Complete Series
    2008 Batman The Complete Animated Series
    2008 Batman: Gotham Knight
    2009 The All-New Superfriends Hour S1V2

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