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    Andy Diggle is a British comic book writer who has worked on Thunderbolts and Daredevil. He also created the Vertigo title The Losers in 2003 which was adapted into a feature film released in 2010. Current titles include UNCANNY, THIEF OF THIEVES, DOCTOR WHO and SNAPSHOT.

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    In the past, Andy Diggle worked for DC Comics on DC and Vertigo titles such as Batman Confidential, Hellblazer, Green Arrow: Year One, Batman: Rules of Engagement, Swamp Thing and The Losers. While in the UK, Diggle was the Editorial Assistant on the comic anthology series 2000 AD.

    Andy Diddle signed an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics in 2008 and took over the writing duties on the series Thunderbolts, and contributed to the Secret Invasion and Dark Reign events with tie-in issues, and mini-series such as Dark Reign: Hawkeye. Starting with issue #500, Diggle became the new writer on the Daredevil series, taking over from star writer Ed Brubaker. He was joined on the series by friend and co-writer, Antony Johnston.

    Spinning out of the pages of the current Daredevil stories is the up-coming Marvel event entitled Shadowland. This series will also be written by Andy Diggle, and illustrated by artist Billy Tan. It marks the first time Diggle has taken the lead writing chores on a major Marvel story, and numerous tie-in issues and spin-off series from the main Shadowland book are planned.

    Non-DC or Marvel works include Judge Dredd vs Aliens, Snow/Tiger, Tharg's Future Shocks (all for 2000 AD), and Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper for Virgin Comics. His title, The Losers, was released as a feature film in 2010 and starred Jeffery Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, and Chris Evans, among others. The film adaptation was helmed by Sylvian White with whom Diggle claimed to have worked with via correspondence while at the Marvel offices in the UK. He is also working on an as-yet unnamed comics to film project with friend and artist Jock, the artist on the Losers.

    Andy Diggle has recently worked on the newest Doctor Who series for IDW Publishing writing the first two issue, acting as the main series writer and the series architect. Diggle will also be writing a story arc for the Image series Thief of Thieves which starts from issue 14 as well as collaborating with Jock on SNAPSHOT. Diggle took over Action Comics for a story arc with Tony Daniel as artist, as of issue 18, following Grant Morrison's departure from the series. Dynamite Entertainment will publish UNCANNY, written by Diggle with art by Aaron Campbell and covers by Jock.


    Andy Diggle in the recipient of the 2000 Eagle Award for Favourite Comic Book Editor.


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