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    Andros is the Red Space Ranger and older brother to Karone.

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    Andros as the Red Space Ranger
    Andros as the Red Space Ranger

    Andros is the Red Space Ranger and was probably active before even Jason Lee Scott as a Red Ranger. He was first seen spying on the United Alliance of Evil and later ended up taking 4 of the Turbo Rangers and given them the Astro Morphers in order to have a team. Andros was born on KO-35 a human colony world and as such has telekinesis. Andros may be the first Power Ranger to have a power outside the ranger abilities. Andros is a loner by nature and is took some convincing from the others to let the m join him on the Astro Megaship. Andros' mission was to rescue Zordon. Andros ended up actually killing Zordon in order to destroy most of the Evil Alliance. Andros would later aide the Galaxy Power Rangers against the Psycho Rangers. Andros would again prove to be keeping tabs on enemy forces in "Forever Red" when he reported to Tommy Oliver the movement of the remnants of the Machine Empire and transported the Red Power Ranger in the Astro Megaship Mark 2.

    As the Red Space Ranger Andros piloted the Astro Delta Megazord and the Delta Megaship. He wielded the Astro Blaster and the Spiral Saber. Andros was the first Red Ranger to gain a Battleizer.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (2017)

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    Game Bio: Born on the planet KO-35, Andros has single-handedly manned the Megaship, since his best friend, Zhane, the Silver Ranger was critically injured. Andros is loyal and kind-hearted, but his time alone in space and his difficulty understanding Earth culture distances him from others. Despite this, he is dedicated to defending the galaxy and finding his long lost sister.

    Released: 1/11/2018.


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