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Android Andy was a robotic hero who resided on alternate Earth-238.


Android Andy was created by Alan Moore and Alan Davis. Having revealed that the hero-killing Fury had hunted down and executed virtually every super being on alternate Earth-238 as part of his Captain Britain epic, Moore later had the sole survivor recall in nightmares the Fury's final massacre. To provide the Fury's victims, Moore and Davis took inspiration form existing superhumans in British comics. In Andy's case, he was based on the classic British character Robot Archie.

Character Development

Android Andy joined other survivors of Earth-238's superhero purges in their last hideout, but when the Fury attacked the base, Andy was one of the first to be slain, smashed by a single blow from the Fury.


Android Andy's head was visible among the deactivated robots in Penny Dolmann's workshop in Albion #2.


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