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Android 8 was created by Dr. Gero, and used by the Red Ribbon Army.He was kept in Muscle Tower where he was eventually activated by Ninja Muraski following his and his brother's defeat at the hands of the young Goku.However he refused to kill the boy, and was threatened with death by the bomb implanted in his chest until Goku knocked the detonator and defeated the ninja. The two then quickly became friends, as they make it to the top of the tower where Android 8 is given the ultimatum of killing Goku, or the village's chief would be shot by General White.Goku seeing know other way turns his back allowing the General to shoot him, however believing his friend dead Android 8 punches White sending him flying from the tower, while bringing Muscle Tower down. Following his actions he gives Goku the Dragon Ball the Army was looking for, and the bomb in his chest removed he is invited to live in the village which he quickly accepts.

He later is among those killed by Buu, but is revived by the Dragon Balls with the rest of the world's population. He is among those who gives his energy to Goku to use in his Spirit Bomb and defeat Buu.

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