Character » Andrew appears in 36 issues.

    One of the inmates of the Prison where Rick Grimes and the crew entered.

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    As a repeat offender drug offender (dealing, stealing, using), Andrew was serving his second prison sentence. With a strong desire to get clean, Andrew prayed that God would make it so that he couldn't get involved in drugs again. The very next day reports began circulating about the zombie uprising. Andrew took the blame. When the guards open the cells but desert the inmates, Andrew spends months locked in the cafeteria with Thomas, Axel, and his boyfriend Dexter.


    Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

    Major Story Arcs

    Andrew keeps his distance when Rick's group finds the prison. When Dexter is falsely accused of murdering Rachel and Susie Greene, Andrew approaches his lover and asks what he can do. Dexter instructs Andrew to go find the riot gear from another cell block. When Dexter is released he and Andrew acquire the gear and, with Patricia's help, get the jump on Rick. Dexter orders everyone out. Sadly, for he and Andrew's plans at least, they leave the door open to the A-Block, a portion of the jail not yet cleaned out. Zombies pour out and begin attacking. Andrew and Dexter have no choice but to fight alongside Rick's group. During the fight Rick shoots Dexter in the head and claims it must have been an accident. Andrew refuses to live at the prison without Dexter and flees out the gates. His fate is unknown, though it could be guessed as to what happens to him.


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