Andrew Kale

    Character » Andrew Kale appears in 29 issues.

    Andrew Kale was a brother of Jennifer Kale and a cousin to Johnny Blaze, Barbara and Daniel Ketch. He fell victim of demonic possession turning into the demon Hellphyr.

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    The Kale family are descendants of the Cult of Zhered-Na. Andrew and Jennifer were grandchildren of Joshua Kale, a modern-day High Priest of the Cult. One day, young Jennifer stole a mystical text from her grandfather. She thought it was the Tome of Zhered-Na and learning to perform spells would be fun. Andrew soon got in on the fun activity. Unfortunately for them, they had stolen a much more sinister text. Their "fun" little spell summoned Thog, one of the Hell-Lords, to Earth. Fortunately for them, Man-Thing was nearby to fight the demon for them.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Meeting the Man-Thing

    In "Adventures Into Fear" #13 (April, 1973), the Kales had to face Jaxon, a family friend under demonic possession. Courtesy of Thog again. Fortunately Joshua and Man-Thing realized that the Thog they were facing was only an illusion. They were actually facing a lesser demon, easier to exorcise. In "Adventures Into Fear" #14-15 (June-August, 1973), the Kales had to face a full-scale invasion from Sominus, Thog's Hellish realm. They encountered a new ally in the person of Dakimh, an old disciple of Zhered-Na herself.  They realized Thog had stolen their missing Tome and was using it against their world. Aided by both elder sorcerers, Jennifer was able to reclaim the Tome and end the invasion. Andrew reduced to the role of a bystander.
    In "Adventures Into Fear" #16 (August, 1973), Jennifer and Andrew attended a protest rally against the Schist Construction Company which tried to drain the swamp surrounding their native city. Andrew was concerned because his sister was not the same lately. Actually she had recently managed to form a psychic connection to the Man-Thing. A connection severed forcefully following their return from Sominus. In #17 (October, 1973), Jennifer started suffering from reoccurring "nightmares". Actually her emerging psychic powers were alerting her to events involving Thog and the Congress of Realities. But none of the Kales was aware of it yet. Andrew was concerned about her. In #19 (December, 1973), Andrew comforted his sister after another nightmare. Soon he had to said goodbye to Jennifer who left Earth to study magic under Dakimh.
    In a flashback in "Man-Thing" vol. 1 #22 (October, 1975), Andrew was one of the people performing Dakimh's funeral. In " Dr. Strange" vol. #41(June, 1980) , Andrew was seen again. One of the various people captured by Baron Mordo to offer as sacrifices to a demon. His sister also lost her life. However the event was reversed and they were brought back to life by Dr. Strange.
    In "Man-Thing" vol. 2 #10 (May, 1981), Andrew was again victimized. He had gained a new girlfriend, Sally. What he did not know was  who she dated before. Barnaby Stone, leader of a vicious biker gang. Who still wanted her. He attacked Andrew and beat him senseless. Barnaby was about to kill Andrew before interrupted by Man-Thing. Barnaby escaped , only to re-appear a bit later alongside his gang. In the resulting fight Andrew received a bullet wound but Stone was killed. Sally admitted to having fallen for Andrew. He was seen welcoming his sister to Earth  in #11 (July, 1981).


    Andrew returned in " Witches" (August - September, 2004). Satan/ Marduk Kurios had been killed by his son Hellstorm a few years before. He had been reborn on Earth but with his magical powers at their lowest. He had tried to increase them but found the competition on Earth rather stiff. He wanted to unleash an ancient spell that would eliminate the other magic users  on Earth. To do so, he manipulated Andrew.
    Andrew was searching for the Tome of Zhered-Na which had magically disappeared years before. Satan posed as a librarian and led the young man to his precious Tome. But used it to merge Andrew with an ancient demon which would attack and slay all magic users. His first victims were Glamor and Illusion. Andrew was soon killed by a trio consisting of his sister, Satana and Topaz. The demon died with him.

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