Andrej Trojan

    Character » Andrej Trojan appears in 10 issues.

    Andrej Trojan is the CEO and founder of Trojan Solutions.

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    Andrej Trojan is the CEO and founder of Trojan Solutions and made his debut in DC's event Future State He appered in two of the mini-series that DC Comics published during the event's time: Future State: Superman of Metropolis and Future State: Superman: Worlds of War.

    He created a new technology with which he attempted to control the population of Metropolis but was stopped by Jon Kent. His appearances continued on in another Superman related mini-series but in the back-up story whih feautured Midnighter. There we see Trojan who has transcended from his human form and transfered his consciousness into an android body which is an exact copy of Apollo, the lover and partner of Midnighter. While donning the android body he was overseeing the production of Nirodhium, an energy source deadlier than Kryponite, in order to use it and attempt to control everyone, and eventually make them transcend from humanity just as him. However, his attempt was stopped by Midighter.

    After the events of Future State, Andrej Trojan has continued to appear alongside Midnighter directly following their interactions in Future State.


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