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    Andrea is widely considered to be the best shot out of all the survivors in the Grimes camp and was chosen to help teach the others to shoot.

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    Andrea is a college graduate who worked as a clerk at a law firm. She was driving her younger sister, Amy, back to school when the dead began to walk.


    Andrea was created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore.

    Character Evolution


    Andrea and Amy meet the Atlanta survivors on the outskirts of the city. Andrea's importance to the group is not established right away. Her and Amy take care of the group's children. Andrea's importance is not even hinted at until her proficiency with a firearm is displayed (outside of Atlanta) and not fully established until they fight off a horde of zombies at Hershel's Farm. Amy is bitten during a zombie attack on their camp outside of Atlanta. Andrea, showing a strength we had not seen before, shoots Amy in the head so that she does not reanimate. This causes her to enter a deep depression which drives her into Dale's arms. The two become lovers during their stay in Wiltshire Estates.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hershel's Farm

    Andrea's importance is seen full-force when she helps stop the horde of zombies that pour out of Hershel's barn and nearly overrun him.

    The Prison

    Andrea quickly reaffirms her importance within the group by volunteering to assist in clearing out the prison of roaming zombies. She also begins to make clothing for the survivors out of prison jump suits to replace the tattered, unclean clothing they have all been wearing since the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. During the Woodbury battle, Andrea is a vital key to their survival. While Rick, Michonne and Glenn were missing, she and Dale were stationed in the guard tower to protect their home. The panic of Tyreese's return allowed the prison to be overrun with zombies again. When Rick, Michonne and Glenn arrived back at the prison, Andrea assisted in clearing the mass of zombies now inside the prison walls.

    Eventually, Andrea took a group of the best shooters outside the prison walls to practice on live targets, where they were unknowingly observed by two men from Woodbury. Andrea and Tyreese took a group of survivors to loot anything useful from the Woodbury area. They were attacked by Bruce and three armed men outside of the Wal-Mart. Andrea, showing no hesitation, shot Bruce in the neck and then killed one of the other men when he refused to back down. Andrea showed shock, but not remorse after killing these men; she did what she had to do to survive. This indicates that, while her counterparts may not have, she has maintained her humanity.

    Dale was bitten by a zombie during her absence. Rick had stepped in and amputated the bitten leg, saving Dale's life. This attack caused Andrea to fall into a state of depression once more. She continued to care for Dale, even sneaking off with Tyreese and making Dale a pair of crutches for when he could walk again. Once the surprise attack came from Woodbury, Andrea and Glenn took stations atop the guard towers to snipe off The Governor's men. The Governor ordered his surviving men to focus their fire on her tower. She was shot; the bullet grazed her face, knocking her unconscious.

    After the successful defense of the prison, the group was split into two groups: One that wanted to leave the prison and one that wanted to stay. Andrea left the prison only to return when the Woodbury Army came back to finish them off. She came alone in the RV and helped the survivors push the Woodbury Army back. They were too powerful (they had a tank) and Andrea had to flee without the RV, which had been rammed by the tank. Somehow she made it back to Hershel's Farm.

    Back at Hershel's Farm

    Andrea began to show remorse about the losses they've suffered within their group. The Woodbury incident had caused her to suspicious of outsiders. Eugene, Rosita and Abraham found Hershel's Farm and the small group of survivors. Andrea was very hostile and physically aggressive.

    The Road to Washington D.C.

    Andrea and Michonne were the main defenders of the groups temporary stationary camp (a gas station) while Rick and Abraham went to Rick's hometown of Cynthiana, Kentucky to gather supplies. Ben killed his brother Billy. Andrea was the one that found Ben standing over Billy's corpse. The group was up-in-arms about how to handle Ben at this point. It turned out to be a moot point as one of their group took it upon himself to kill Ben in the night. The group did not find out that Carl was the one who killed Ben. Andrea's emotional state was unstable after finding Billy and even more so after someone had killed Ben. To make matters worse, Dale was bitten again but rather than say anything to the remaining survivors, he went off into the woods to die alone.

    Gabriel's Church

    There were no clues as to what had happened to Dale until he turned up outside the church, barely alive. Andrea, Rick, Michonne and Abraham went to find the threat. They slaughtered the men known as The Hunters. Andrea showed no remorse for these deaths. Dale died shortly after the pair expressed their love for each other. Andrea was an emotional wreck.

    Alexandria Safe-Zone

    Andrea made it safely to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. She was placed into the job of lookout. She's still coping from Dale's death and was briefly the object of unwanted affections of Douglas Monroe; something both she and Rick laughed about. Ironically enough, though she had no interest in him, she had an attraction to his son Spencer. But still mourning Dale, she asked Spencer if they could take their relationship slow. Spencer agreed and the two began to see one another. However, during an attempt to salvage supplies, groups of zombies had breeched into the Safe-Zone. Andrea, Spencer, Heath, and Glenn watched in worry and began to wonder what to do. While Heath and Glenn wanted to help the people in the Safe-Zone, Spencer had other plans.

    He revealed to Andrea that he wanted to leave, even his own father, and begged Andrea to run away with him. Andrea was shocked and disgusted by his cowardice, punching him in the face. She then stated it was the end of "us". After a long battle with Rick and the other citizens of the Safe-Zone, Andrea and the others found their friends alive and alright. Spencer still sought to repair the relationship, but Andrea refused. Recently she's tried to start a relationship with Rick. Its also shown, that just like Michonne and Rick, she's also used a coping mechanism. She talked to Dale's hat, the same Rick use to use a phone to talk to Lori.

    Powers & Abilities


    Andrea is the best shot out of all the survivors, she most often uses a rifle.

    Other Media


    The Walking Dead

    Laurie Holden (Andrea)
    Laurie Holden (Andrea)

    Andrea is played by Laurie Holden. She is a successful civil rights attorney living in Florida, Andrea was on a road trip with her younger sister Amy, headed back to Amy's college when the zombie apocalypse occurred. They were stranded in Atlanta when they were rescued by Dale, and they've been living with him and the rest of the survivors at the camp ever since. Andrea is intelligent, cautious and extremely protective of her younger sister, with whom she has not always had the closest relationship. Never one to shy away from a challenge or a fight, Andrea is headstrong, opinionated and first and foremost interested in keeping Amy safe. They don't know what has become of their parents, but Andrea has no real expectation of them being alive and will endeavor to stand strong as the only family Amy has left.


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