Andrea von Strucker

    Character » Andrea von Strucker appears in 309 issues.

    Andrea and her younger twin brother shared the codename Fenris. She was bio-engineered in-utero and must be in contact with her twin brother to use her powers.

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    Baron Strucker instilled his Nazi values in his children.In retaliation for stopping Andreas from raping a woman while on a hunting trip in Africa, Andrea shot Storm (who was powerless at the time) in the head with a rifle and left her for dead. It failed to do much damage and only grazed her.

    Major Story Arcs

    Against the X-Men

    Some time later, Andrea and Andreas attempted (and failed) to assassinate Magneto at his trial for crimes against humanity. Andrea and Andreas continued being low-level villains, occasionally pestering the X-men and various other X-teams with villainous acts such as attempting (and again failing) to kill Banshee and Forge, attempting (and yes, yet again failing) to join the Upstarts by capturing various members of The New Mutants and the Hellions, having a run-in or two with Generation X, Quicksilver, or Gambit, and generally being villainous, but in general, failing to do much of anything.Recently, Andrea was killed by Baron Heinrich Zemo (the 13th) after she, at least on some level, figured out that he was posing as Citizen V. Andreas, who was being controlled by the Purple Man at the time, flayed off some of the skin from her corpse and preserved it so he could continue to use his powers. It is wrapped around the hilt of his sword.


    During the Secret Invasion some one appeared at the Thunderbolts base claiming to be Andrea Strucker. It was revealed that Andreas Strucker had commissioned Arnim Zola to clone his sister and that who the woman was. Needless to say the other Thunderbolts were not convinced and remained skeptical. Shortly after the events of the Secret Invasion occurred and the Thunderbolts along with Andrea flew to D.C. to combat the Skrulls. While Andrea and Andreas were fighting they were ambushed by Moonstone where it was revealed she that was the real Andrea. A fight ensued but before she could finish off Moonstone Bullseye ended up killing her with one of his sai.


    Andrea and her twin brother Andreas Strucker were bio-engineered by Hydra scientists in-utero to have superpowers. As a result they must have skin to skin contact with each other for their powers to work. Usually, this was accomplished by holding each other's hands.

    Andrea can project bio-electric blasts/disintegrating plasma blasts, while Andreas can project blasts of concussive force. They could both fly.

    Other versions


    In the House of M reality, here along with her brother and father she is a member of the Thunderbolts fighting against human oppression. During a fight with the Kree she is killed along side her brother by Major Erik Josten of the Howling Commandos.

    Other Media

    X2: X-Men United

    Andrea's name is listed in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.


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