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    As a child, André-Paul Duchateau devours the adventures of the Japanese detective Iké Terouka, which appeared in an illustrated book for young people. These first readings awakened in him an insatiable appetite for writing detective novels, a genre in which he excelled, since he published his first thriller at… 16 years old!

    The following years will see him widen this vein with an unusual productivity. But, in 1955, he made a radical turn following his encounter with Tibet, which introduced him to Lombard, and with which he launched the famous “Ric Hochet”. Once on the ground, Duchateau did not demerit, proving board after board his ability to write in almost any style, for any author. A versatility which made him the ideal choice to replace Henri Desclez at the head of the newspaper Tintin, in 1976. He will orient the famous magazine even more towards the modern adventure story, which borrows from cinema or TV series.

    Author of a number of series at the time ("Les Casseurs", "Hyperion", "Udolfo"), he returned his cap in 1979, to once again become a full-fledged screenwriter and novelist, and reconnect with his legendary and bloated productivity. Indeed, all these years during, he never stopped writing thrillers, and garnering literary prizes. It is therefore quite logical that the Lombard called upon him again, in 1989, to direct the “BD Detectives” collection, which brings together his two greatest passions.

    Since then, even if he has eased off a bit, he continues to write the adventures of Ric Hochet and thrillers. The two even come together sometimes ...


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