André Franquin

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    Belgian comic artist. Creator of Gaston and Marsupilami.

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    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    (Catalogues) Expositions19812000
    Animaux a(d)mis1990
    Arnest Ringard et Augraphie1981
    Best Of BD Numérique2013
    Contes de Noël du journal Spirou2020
    Entre chats1989
    Flash Back1995
    Fluide Glacial spécial anniversaire2005
    Gaston (1997) (40e anniversaire)19971999
    Gaston (2009)19992014
    Gaston (2018)2021
    Gaston (Edition Collector) - Collection Télé 7 jours2012
    Gaston (Fac-similés)2005
    Gaston (Hors-série)19652019
    Gaston (Poche)19871995
    Gaston (quotidien régional 2013)2013
    Gaston (Sélection)20112018
    Gaston (Tout Gaston)20132014
    Histoires d'œuf1989
    Idées noires19812017
    Il était une fois... Les Belges1980
    Isabelle (Will)19801986
    Marsupilami (jeux)2016
    Modeste et Pompon (Franquin)19582017
    Modeste et Pompon (Intégrale Himalaya)19881990
    Petit Noël19591994
    Place aux Renards1985
    Rire c'est rire1995
    Robinsons du rail (Les)19811993
    Sous le signe du verso2000
    Souvenirs du vingtième siècle1983
    Spirou (Almanachs & Album+)2007
    Spirou (La Véritable Histoire de)2016
    Spirou et Fantasio19482021
    Spirou et Fantasio (L'intégrale Version Originale)20062019
    Spirou et Fantasio -2- (Divers)19762020
    Spécial animaux1986
    Tifous (Les)1990
    Trombone Illustré (Le)2005
    Vacheries de Corinne à Jeannot (Les)1980
    Die Laughing2018
    Gaston (en allemand)19852008
    Gaston (en danois) (Vakse Viggo)19761991
    Gaston (en italien)19772011
    Gaston (en langues régionales)19832021
    Gaston (en langues étrangères)19882012
    Gaston (en portugais) (Gastão)19782005
    Gaston (en suédois)1991
    Gomer Goof (Gaston en anglais)20172021
    Kunst des André Franquin (Die)1988
    Modesto e Pompom2005
    Modesto y Pompón2016
    Mustat Sivut1984
    Spirou & Fantasio (en anglais)20142020
    Spirou e Fantásio (en portugais)19662007
    Spirou et Fantasio (en langues régionales)2009
    Spirou et Fantasio (en langues étrangères)1977
    Spirou y Fantasio (Ediciones Junior s.a - 1982)1983
    Spirou y Fantasio (Franquin - Planeta DeAgostini 2002)20022005
    Spirous äventyr1981
    Splint & Co.19831986
    Tomás El Gafe2007

    Born January 3, 1924 in Etterbeek (Brussels, Belgium), André Franquin, after a year of drawing lessons at St-Luc (Brussels), entered in 1944, then aged 20, as an animator in the drawing studio CBA anime. During his short years as an animator, he met Peyo, the creator of the Smurfs Eddy Paape, that of Luc Orient, and Morris, that of Lucky Luke. It is the latter who introduces him to Jijé, Spirou's father. In 1946, Jijé gave him the character, emblem of the newspaper Spirou after a conclusive essay appeared in the Almanac Spirou of 1947. The character was created in 1938 by the Frenchman Robert Velter (better known as ''Rob-Vel' ') who, once mobilized, no longer managed to get his boards to Belgium in time. Franquin not only took over the character of Spirou, he also added his signature and, for fear of not making people laugh, he inserts gags ''to be sure''. He also refines Fantasio, the wacky friend of Spirou, the village of Champignac, and especially the work on characters such as Count Pacôme Hégésippe Adélard Ladislas de Champignac, Zorglub and in ''Spirou et les Héritiers'' (1952) appears the Marsupilami of Palombia, which will accompany Spirou and Fantasio in all the adventures subsequently drawn by Franquin. 1955 sees a dispute between Dupuis and Franquin because of royalties on an album. He then joined Éditions Le Lombard and signed a 5-year contract there. He creates Modeste and Pompon for the Tintin newspaper. He is reconciled with Dupuis and returns to the workshops of Marcinelles. However, he continued to work for four years at Le Lombard. Of a lazy nature, he created his double and made him a very special hero in comics, Gaston Lagaffe, who was born on February 28, 1957. In ''Le Trombone illustré'', a publication of 30 issues accompanying the newspaper Spirou, he shares his dark thoughts which will appear later in ''Fluide glacial''. From 1987, with Batem in the drawing, Franquin designed a series of albums published by Marsu-Productions with, as hero, the Marsupilami whose rights he had jealously guarded. On November 27, 1996, Marsu-Productions offers a new album by Lagaffe assembling a series of boards published in ''Spirou'' and never published in album. At the age of 73, on Sunday January 5, 1997, Franquin, who had become one of the founding fathers of Belgian comics, discreetly left the scene of the 9th Art. He thus leaves us alone with very sympathetic heroes and a collection of eccentric signatures, ''Signés Franquin''.


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