Andre Briggs

    Character » Andre Briggs appears in 12 issues.

    Liaison to the Justice League International and the United Nations.

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    Andre works for the UN along with his assistant Emerson Esposito have tried to start a Justice League and get UN approval for some time.


    Andre Briggs was created by Dan Jurgens and first appeared after the DC relaunch of 2011. He was created as an ally of the Justice League International.

    Major Story Arca

    The Signal Masters

    For more information see: The Signal Masters

    Andre Briggs has proposes a plan for the JLI multiple times to the UN, and is finally successful on this try. He then "recruits" Booster Gold, Vixen, August General in Iron, Ice, Fire, Rocket Red, Guy Gardner, and Godiva for the new team of International heroes. He puts Booster Gold in charge of the team and sends them on their first mission to locate missing UN personnel in Peru.

    While the team is investigating they are attack by a giant robot and are forced to retreat. But when they return to the Hall of Justice it has been destroyed. Andre tries to convince them that the whole world is watching and them retreating is a sign of weakness. Booster agrees to go back but this time the team is split up into smaller groups. Andre stays behind with Emerson and coordinates from a van. It is here that he learns that there is a space ship above earth that is controlling the now 4 giant robots. He tries to tell Booster but has lost communications.

    Andre then gets a call from the UN informing him they plan on using the nuclear option, even though his team is still near the giant robots. Andre argues but to no avail. When Booster and the team show back up, Andre pleads with them to do something, but is horrified when they fly into space and are seemingly destroyed.

    Luckily their seemingly destruction was part of a plan to sneak onto the alien spacecraft and crash it. Andre is angry with the destruction the team caused but is quickly put in his place by Booster who points out that there was minim damages and no major loss of life. Andre comes around to Booster's point of view and agrees to talk to the UN.

    The UN agrees with Andre that the JLI is necessary and reintroduces them at the UN building. But during the festivities terrorist detonate a bomb and Andre is killed in the blast.


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