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Andor was kidnapped by the Subterranean Warlords when he was a baby and turned into a weapon as a means of opposing Dynamo. He was given special treatments which modified him to the point of being superhuman. He was chosen over the Dynavac, to be the Warlords' agent in the surface world because he could blend in with the other humans

T.H.U.N.D.E.R's first encounter

He first met the thunder squad member Kitten after rescuing her from a car driven by foreign agents. Kitten broke her ankle and guided Andor to THUNDER HQ, using this as a means of entrance, Andor took her to the Headquarters. While inside the HQ Andor began to question himself on why he saved Kitten if he was programmed to hate all humans. Before he can dwell upon this he sees Dynamo with some captured Warlord minions which triggers Andor to attack Dynamo. Dynamo appears to be the one who is losing the fight until Kitten stops Andor and thus forcing Andor to leave.
He returns underground where he is labeled a traitor by one of the Warlords. This causes Andor to realize the truth that he is human and he goes on a rampage destroying the Warlord's lair. He then leaves the destroyed lair looking for a new future.

After escaping

After escaping the control of the Warlords, Andor began exploring the world often coming into conflict with T.H.U.N.D.E.R but seemingly always at the end of a conflict helping the heroes out then escaping off to find his destiny. 
In one encounter he was blinded but regained his sight after a surviving Warlord repaired his vision.

He is often gullible and is used by other criminals in their schemes such as Iron Maiden and the Warlords who at times can control him. He has an intense rivalry with Dynamo but he may in fact be his only friend in the world


He is capable of superhuman feats and powers. He can also be coerced into a willing puppet by the Warlords.

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