Character » Andi appears in 11 issues.

    A fellow survivor who struggled alongside with Heath and later converted to Dressite soldier

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    Andi was sent to her uncle Otto for de-tox before the Dressite's invasion. She would later become part of the resistance as Heath organized a guerrilla war against the invaders. During the assault on their base on the moon, Otto--Andi's uncle--sent her to Dressite homeworld through the portal accidentally due to his assumption of its passage to their Earth base. As Andi was assumed to be dead, she was stranded on their home planet when Heath detonated and killed many of its inhabitants. As a result, the surviving Dressite tortured Andi out of vengeance before converted her into a cyborg, where she is placed in a suit filled with Dressite's corrosive substances that she was able to manipulate them once she removed part of her suit along with fitted with life support to keep her alive.

    She would later convert Tom, a former police officer who is now a representative of Earth in United Systems before being captured by her unit, and later launched a raid to capture Eden, Heath and Charlotte's daughter, in order to find Heath. Later on, she would reunite with him again on a planet run by alternate timeline's Heath--who decided to surrender to Tetaldian in exchange for his own planet and three cybernetic reconstructions of Mara whom he had made them into his pleasure-servants. When Heath went to the Dressite's homeworld to rescue his daughter, she attempted to kill the child but ordered to stand down. As the situation deescalated, Heath was sorry for the fate of Andi--who had to be a human enhanced with Dressite's amoebic substance with breathing apparatus to keep her alive. During that moment, Heath and the Dressite king finally accepted a peace treaty for their vengeance while also reconciling with the former in the name of her late uncle Otto.

    In Out of Step arc, she was one of the few people to not get affected by Tetaldian's cyberization and attempted to get Heath revived using a machine to place his consciousness on the alternate-counterpart. However, the process wasn't immediate as she and Nicholas were killed before Nick's consciousness kicked in.


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