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    Andar is Kiowa warrior from the Dakotas. He is an expert archer and hunts dinosaurs in the Lost Land.

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    Andar and his friend Turok were hunting North of the Rio Grande, New Mexico Cavern area, when they fell through a sink hole into the Lost Land. In the Lost Land, the friends hunted dinosaurs and looked for a way home. Turok actually found a way out, but Andar was injured and when Turok returned for his friend  the exit was sealed. Resigned to their new home, the friends fell in with the local primitive warriors and settled in a village as an "adopted" tribe. 
    When Mothergod Erica Pierce with robots from the future invaded the Lost Land, Andar lead many warriors alongside his friend and they sided with her. Turok later discovered that she was evil and when news came to her of Turok's betrayal she dispatched assassins to their village and Andar has been missing since. He is considered "lost."

    In the new comic series Turok dinosaur hunter by Dark Horse (whom has recently purchased the rights to the Turok series) Andar has absolutely no relation to Turok. They are simple both of the same time and heritage, sticking together only to try and survive together.

    Andar is later found in Turok's later comic series Turok, Dinosaur Hunter (by Valiant) in issue 4, very old (because he felt in another time at the end of Lost Land) he has fathered him self a grandson who Turok takes under his wing and teaches the way of their old tribe which has long since been forgotten. He dies in this issue as well and is given a "funeral" by Turok as Turok burns down his house (letting Andar and his possessions return to the dust they came from).


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