Anchorite Sect

    Team » Anchorite Sect appears in 18 issues.

    The Anchorite Sect are a group of vampires that are peaceful and prefer to isolate themselves away from humanity.

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    The Anchorite Sect is unlike other vampire sects. They choose to hide away from civilization, tending sheep and pigs for blood. They also hate that the human population has multiplied tremendously in the last century, so much that the Anchorite Sect retreats almost every decade to avoid them and live alone in peace.

    Vampire Gathering

    The Anchorite Sect were one among the many sects that attended the once-in-a-century vampire gathering. When Xarus, son of Dracula assassinated his father, the Anchorite Sect were given the option to join the new order of vampires. The Anchorite Sect was unaware of Xarus and the other sects' plan and so instead chose to support Janus, Dracula's eldest son who chose   to oppose his brother. Together with the Janus and the Mystikos Sect, they sought the help of the Claw Sect who agreed to support them as well.  During their confrontation with Xarus and the other traitorous sects, the Claw Sect it seems was only pretending as they had already pledged their allegiance to Xarus. The Anchorite leader was executed.

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