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    One of the long-lasting members of X-Force/X-Statix. Has the ability to secrete acidic sweat.

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    Anarchist, one of the founding members of the X-Statix, discovered his abilities at a very young age. When he was very young, Anarchist was adopted by a white couple. When he was old enough, he began to question the difference in his and his parents' skin tones, and would frequently try to wash himself clean, thinking he was constantly dirty. It was thus how Anarchist discovered his mutant ability.

    He can create energy from next to nothing (ref. sweat). He's a risk because he is not a team player, mentally unstable and a pain in the butt.


    Anarchist was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred in 2001 and first appeared in X-Force # 116.

    Major Story Arcs

    Joining X-Force

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    Anarchist was recruited to become the next member of the new televised X-Force team after one of it's favorite team-members, Sluk, had been killed during a mission. Anarchist was chosen and soon started living the high-life of a celebrity. The press seemed to instantly like Anarchist and his celebrity attitude, much to the dislike of some of his new teammates. The new X-Force team is sent on a mission to save the boy band Boyz R Us. This mission ended up being a trap where only Anarchist and two of his teammates, Doop and Orphan, survive.


    When X-Force changed it's name into X-Statix in honor of the death of beloved teammate, U-Go Girl. Anarchist struggled for face time on television with the other members, what he thought was too much. Because of this, Anarchist, along with fellow X-Statix team member Dead Girl, left to form his own television show. After the series flopped, they both returned to the X-Statix.

    Death and Afterlife

    Versus old teammate Orphan
    Versus old teammate Orphan

    Although Anarchist was one of the more successful members of the X-Statix, he could not avoid being killed in the last mission along with the other members.

    Although this seemed to have been the end of Anarchist, his troubles had yet to begin. Anarchist had been send into Hell (or Limbo) after his death. There he soon became romantically involved with fellow dead hero Miss America. Some time later, both of them joined forces with a group of supervillains including Kraven the Hunter, and Mysterio led by the Pitiful One and returned from the dead for twenty-four hours to raise hell in the present time. During this time, fellow old X-Statix member Dead Girl made a trip to the afterlife, in witch she recruited her dead teammate Orphan to fight the villains. The duo also encountered U-Go Girl during this trip. Seeing his old teammates back, at first Tike fought them, but eventually seized the fight against his old teammates so that Anarchist, Orphan and U-Go Girl had a brief moment together once more in the afterlife.

    Ultimately Anarchist and Miss America rebelled against the villains and ended up fighting the villains and falling in love with each other. For rebelling against the villains and renouncing her racism ways, it is implied that both of them are allowed to enter Heaven.

    The Anarchist was later seen moving throughout Doopspace, which now is believed to have connections with worlds of the dead like Heaven. This is reinforced because Doop is also alive once again, as is U-Go Girl.


    Tike recently returned alive once again (probably by The Five's work) and joined the mutant-only nation Krakoa.


    Anarchist can secrete acidic sweat which allows him to generate electrochemical energy which he can project as a destructive blast or a small amount subtle enough to change the outcome of rolling dice. He can also secrete a sticky adhesive.


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