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    Anakaris is a former pharaoh, now a living mummy, belonging to the Darkstalkers Universe.

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    Anakaris was born in Egypt 2664 b.c. and became pharaoh at age twelve.

    He dies in battle at age 27 and is mummified.

    He is revived several times over the years, most recently when Pyron arrives on Earth.

    After Pyron's defeat he traveled back in time to resume his reign as a pharaoh.

    Anakaris is 270 cm/8'10" tall and weighs 500 kg/1102 lbs.

    Powers and abilities

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    Anakaris possesses magical powers that he can use in a variety of ways.

    He has displayed the ability to travel through time and to open portals between dimensions, having used this ability to transfer himself and his people to a realm where they could live without interference by the rest of the world.

    In combat Anakaris enlarges and shapeshifts his limbs as his main form of attack while levitating to gain additional mobility and compensate for his large and slow body.

    When using his magic offensively Anakaris can place curses on his opponents, turning them into weaker versions of themselves, freeze them and even summon sarcophaguses to hit them with.

    Anakaris has even displayed the ability to instantly erase all the people that were trying to invade his kingdom immediatly after arriving in the past.


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