Ana Kravinoff

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    13 year old daughter of Kraven the Hunter. Now walking in her father's footsteps, she continues the hunt for Spider-Man.

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    This page is for the third Kraven the Hunter, Ana Kravinoff


    Anastasia Tatiana Kravinoff
    Anastasia Tatiana Kravinoff

    Ana Tatiana Kravinoff is the daughter of Sasha Kravinoff and Sergei Kravnioff better know as Kraven The Hunter, she was born in 1996. Years after her father's suicide she began to stalk his archenemy, Spider-Man; whom she blamed for her father's death. Being careful not to fully trigger his Spider-sense, she tracked him to his current apartment with his roommate Vin Gonzales.


    Ana Kravinoff was created by Marc Guggenheim and Phil Jimenez and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 issue 565 (2008).

    Character Evolution

    Kraven the Hunter III
    Kraven the Hunter III

    Ana attacked Peter at his new job at a comic book store and later she kidnapped Vin, after believing him to be Spider-man wnile causing him misfortunes all day. She took him to the sewer tunnels used by Vermin seeing it as the perfect place to hunt and kill "Spider-Man". Meanwhile Peter using one of Daredevil's costumes began to look for Vin thinking he found his Spider-Man costume. Ana gave Vin a morphine/MGH cocktail thinking he may need to recharge his powers so he would be worthy to hunt. However Vermin arrived to find them in his territory and attacked. Ana overpowered him and then sent Vin into the tunnels so she could hunt him.

    Peter went to Vin's precinct to find him and heard the rumor Spider-man had been kidnapped by a girl and that a drug dealer sold her MGH. Peter arrived at dealers local area realizing Vin was the Spider-man that was captured. He fought an enraged Vermin and then found Ana hunting Vin. Both fought her, but she held her own until Vermin arrived for a rematch giving them time to leave.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Grim Hunt

    Ana reaching out to her revived father
    Ana reaching out to her revived father

    Madame Web later gained a vision of someone after Spider-Man and "hunting spiders". She was then attacked by Ana and imprisoned by her and her mother. She later met with Diablo and then captured Mattie Franklin. She is soon joined by her brother Al Kraven in her revenge of Spider-Man. Ana and her brother next encounter Spider-Man's clone Kaine who despite being stronger than Peter is bested by the duo but he is able to flee to Peter's apartment and warn him of their attack. Spider-Man himself discovers Ana and Alyosha attacking Arachne. After she is aided by Spider-Man the duo flee. Her mother then kills Mattie to exchange her life force to bring back her son and Ana's other brother Grim Hunter.

    Eventually the Kravens defeat and sacrifice Spider-Man to resurrect Sergei but he's somewhat unstable and distant from his family stemming from the fact that he wanted death. Later after attacking Ana in a rage, to his horror he finds he cannot die. It is revealed the Spider-Man they killed was Kaine, not Peter. His status as a clone corrupted the ritual and only the true Spider-Man can end his life. Peter having donned his black suit is filled with rage over the death of his "family". Fueled by anger, he dispatches Kraven's family members in increasingly brutal methods, but after a final showdown cannot bring himself to kill Kraven, thanks to Arachne, who is now Madame Webb. The Kravens escape only for Sergei to kill Vlad and Sasha because of his disgust for them. Ana thrn intends to prove herself by hunting her brother Al, so her father may further train her.

    Powers and Abilities


    Ana shares many qualities with her father, Kraven. She either inherited his superhuman physical abilities, or ingested the same (or similar) jungle potions that bestowed unto her father his bestial power. She has some degree of superhuman strength and speed and was able to fight Spider-man and Vermin likely due to the herbs her father and brothers used. She has a keen predatory instinct and views almost all others as prey. Ana, like her father, is a trained hunter and martial artist.

    Other Version

    Other Media


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