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The Jewel of The Designate was created via paradoxical cause and effect, from a stagnant Utopian future where Thor assumed the Odin Power and took reign of the Earth at the cost of independence and freewill. A betrayed and imprisoned Tarene, once upon being freed, enacts a scheme to create a protector in the past in order to safeguard her in the event the treacherous asgardians of her era would be dealt with accordingly.

One time about two centuries ago a humble & god fearing mortal named Desak Sterixian would sacrifice his beloved daughter in ceremonial tribute to their patron gods. When he refused to partake of the divine boon granted to him by the Spirit of the Jewel which was promised as protection from the wrath of his cruel, petty deities; it was only after his dear Almonnas' demise did he realize his mistake as the evil Kronnitt began laying siege to his home world. Inadvertently killing his wife and destorying his house and home in his rampage.

Now resigned to his abominable fate at the hands of his false idol, the spirit returned to him once more baring her gift after he realized his error. Incensed by the loss of his family, his home penultimately enraged at the callousness of divinity, Desak donned the Amulet gifted to him and was forever transformed.

Gone was the weak and meager man who fell victim to the wrath of higher beings, enter Desak; The Destoryer of Gods.



  • Godlike Conditioning
    • Super Strength
    • Invulnerability
    • Super Speed & reflexes
    • Enhanced Stamina
    • Regenerative Healing Factor
    • Age Negation
    • Self-Sustenance

Divine Power Negation


Intuitive Perception

  • Cosmic Awareness:

Divine Slaying

Divine Siphoning

  • Divine Force Manipulation:
    • Opric Blasts
    • Force Absorption/Redirection
    • Simulated Telekinesis
    • Concussive Force
    • Energy Infusion

Arms fabrication and amalgamation


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