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    Qnax (also known as Amphibian) is a warrior born from centuries of selective breeding, who was sent on a mission by the Grand Xandarean Council to obtain the sphere of Ultimate Knowledge.

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    Qnax was born from selective breeding by the Grand Xandarean Council of Elders, who intended him to be the greatest warrior in all the known galaxies. He was sent to find the Ultimate Machine but was beaten by the Hulk and thrown into orbit. Soon Qnax returned home and was questioned by the Xandarean Council. They then exiled him from Xantar. He became Amphibion and was recruited by Daydra to stop the Abomination alongside Torgo and Dark-Crawler. Once they were defeated they became the Hulk Hunters to aid the Hulk. He then recruited Hulk to help get the Ultimate Machine. Once they got it, Qnax found out the council was going to use it for evil. So he returned home to become a true hero to his people of Xantar.

    Powers and Abilities

    Qnax is the product of centuries of scientific, selective breeding to create the ultimate fighting machine. He is very strong, fast, and durable, and can also breath underwater.


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